Welcome to Stuff I Learned Yesterday. My name is Darrell Darnell, this week two complete strangers complimented my Legend of Zelda t-shirt and my Doctor Who t-shirt, and I believe that if you aren’t learning, you aren’t living. In today’s episode of Stuff I Learned Yesterday we’re taking a trip back to one of the most popular episodes of Stuff I Learned Yesterday as we take a look at setting goals.

Today fun fact is: Tomorrow is Relaxation Day. Summer time is drawing to a close. For some of you, school has already started, for others it’s starting very soon. I know this can be a hectic time of year, but don’t get overwhelmed and overburdened. Take some time to relax on the back patio with a nice glass of iced tea, curl up with a new or favorite book, fire up Netflix and binge watch that TV show you’ve been hearing about, or simply enjoy a relaxing Saturday and sleep in.

Friday Forum
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Today’s episode of Stuff I Learned Yesterday is a Friday Flashback of “How to Reach Your Dreams” which originally aired on December 20, 2014. The episode gave strategies on how to set and achieve your goals. I use this opportunity to give an update on my 2015 goals.

I’m Darrell Darnell and this has been stuff I learned yesterday.

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