They fought Pan in Neverland. They battled Flying Monkeys from Oz. Then last season they all descended into The Underworld. I am sure all the beloved residents of Storybrooke are ready to relax in their quiet town on the coast of Maine. Unfortunately this is not possible because Mr. Gold has made a deal. He has given Storybrooke to Mr. Hyde, the sinister other half of Dr. Jekyll. Hyde has also brought the population of an entire land with him. So many stories yet to be told!

Hook and Emma hardly get a moment to celebrate because the next crisis is literally crashing over their house. As all of our Heroes rush to search the crash sight Emma is overwhelmed by a vision. She is sword fighting with a hooded figure. As the vision ends her hand begins to tremble. She brushes it off and tells everyone not to worry. However as Emma faces Hyde with Regina the shaking in her hand reoccurs. It nearly causes Regina harm and Hyde to escape. Luckily at the last moment her hand steadies and they are able to subdue Hyde. As they are taking him to jail Hyde mentions that he knows about the tremors. Hyde tells Emma that Savior’s cannot have happy endings. They give and give until they have nothing left. He goes on to say if she wants answers about her condition she must follow the red bird. Later Hook tries to get Emma to open up to him but she dismisses him. She insists everything is alright.

Meanwhile Rumple is cashing in on the deal he made with Hyde and is off to the Temple of Morpheus. With the help of some magic sand, he is able to enter Belle’s dream to attempt to wake her from the sleeping curse. In the dream he is faced with the fact that Belle still sees herself as his servant and him as the Beast. In an absolutely beautiful scene he begins dancing with her to try to recreate the circumstances in which she fell in love with him. Belle admits that she loves Rumple but cannot be with him anymore. In a shocking twist Morpheus appears and says he is their unborn Son. Now that he is sure his Mother will not fall for his Father’s deceptions Morpheus wakes Belle with true love’s kiss.

Henry, with his heart of the truest believer, does a wonderful job restoring faith in this episode. He tells Regina that Robin’s soul has not been obliterated as Hades had said. He believes there is a special place that hero’s go when their story has ended. I believe that the feather we saw floating down from the heavens is a sign that Robin is still there watching over Regina.

Regina thinks she has banished her evil side but little does she know the Evil Queen is loose. Zelena is upset that Regina removed the side of her that made them most similar. She is also upset Regina will not support her in her grief over losing Hades. Will Zelena let her wicked side out and team up with Evil Queen to cause havoc for the Heroes?

In a flashback we saw Aladdin exhibiting the same symptoms as Emma. He is a Savior too. Can only one Savior exist at a time? Did Aladdin run to the land of untold stories to escape his fate? Will the vision that the Oracle shows Emma come true? The Oracle said Emma could change the path but not the ending. Hyde said every Savior has a villain that defeats them. Will Emma stop lying to the people that love her and admit that there is a problem? Can anyone save the Savior? So many questions! So many stories! I can’t wait to watch the stories unfold on Once Upon a Time Sunday nights at 8/7c on ABC!

ONCE UPON A TIME - "The Savior" - As "Once Upon a Time" returns to ABC for its sixth season, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network, so does its classic villain-the Evil Queen. (ABC/Jack Rowand) JENNIFER MORRISON

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