Star Trek: Discovery Post-Season 2 Roundtable

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For episode 43 of The Star Trek Discovery Podcast, it’s finally time for our Post-Season 2 roundtable! We hope you will enjoy this Season 2 Roundtable episode, which was recorded on Saturday, June 22, 2019. We are joined by our man with the screen captures and voicemails, Fred from The Netherlands, as well as James (The Augmented Sailor) Robbins and Laurence Todd (LT from NC), who have all been contributing their feedback all through the season!

Our Season 2 Roundtable discussion…

We start with three rounds of our favorite things from Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery. Then, we move on to three rounds of our least favorite things, then a round of other things we’d like to bring up, and then our final thoughts. A lot of things were discussed during this Season 2 Roundtable, including:

  • Pike
  • Spock
  • Michael Burnham
  • Doctor Burnham
  • Talos IV
  • Saru
  • Tilly
  • Culber
  • Stamets
  • Jett Reno
  • Airiam
  • Eye Needles
  • Section 31
  • Control
  • Terralysium/New Eden
  • Visual Effects
  • Set Design
  • Makeup
  • Season Finale
  • And much more…

A couple of things mentioned during the episode:

I remembered that goofy Columbia House VHS commercial for TNG where the guy says his favorite episode is “Code of Honor”.

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