The original trilogy of Star Wars movies are unanimously agreed to be the best of the three trilogies, but how do the prequels and sequels stand when put against each other? The prequels have gotten a lot of criticism for many years, with the prequels only recently being more praised than trashed, and the sequels have been a controversial discussion among the Star Wars fanbase since the release of the Force Awakens. This week, Blake and JJ are tackling this topic, talking about the pros and cons both trilogies have, from their plots and characters, to their memorable moments and musical score. There’s also discussion on how nostalgia plays a heavy part in people’s opinions on the films, the generation, and how external content (such as television shows and direct sequels) can affect different products of the franchise, both positively and negatively. They also discuss what they’ve done Disney lately, and some Disney news, involving the potential cancellation of a much anticipated Star Wars project and the confirmed arrival of a much beloved cartoon series to Disney+, with much hope for a new season. Now jump on in and hit that play button, and see how these two trilogies compare to each other!

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