Get ready listeners, for this episode is not for the faint of heart. Blake and JJ decided to rank every Star Wars movie this week, and we did not have the same results. We rank the Star Wars movies from beginning from the bottom at 11 and going all the way up to our number 1, while discussing why we placed the movie where we did, using a Google Sheet we used that ranks the movies for us by taking into account the plot, character development, music, memorable scenes, and where it is on our personal favorites list. It was very difficult to put together our rankings, and more difficult hearing each other’s rankings. Check out this very controversial Star Wars episode, and see who’s ranking you agree most with, or if you don’t agree with them at all!

Here’s the Google Sheet that we used that you can make a copy of so you can try it out and see how the movies are ranked according to your scores. Or, you can always go the classic route and rank it by your own personal preference!

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