Hello, my name is John McGrail, I’m Emilee O’Leary, I’m Barb Rankin, and I’m Geoff Gentry.  We make up the regular co-hosts for the third and final season of Stuff I Learned Yesterday, and we believe that if you’re not learning, you’re not living! Welcome to the SILY Host Roundtable!

Happy Wednesday, everyone.  This is a Very Special Episode of Stuff I Learned Yesterday.  It’s my last entry for the podcast and I’ve had the idea for a while that I wanted to gather my fellow co-hosts for a host roundtable to talk about our SILY experiences and to give a proper thank you to Darrell Darnell for creating this wonderful sandbox that we get to play in.

Fun Facts:

So, for today’s fun facts let’s go behind the curtain and talk about a typical SILY episode.  For an episode that comes out around 12 minutes in length it takes me 3-4 written pages of material single spaced in 12 point font.  I have recorded 21 regular episodes, and one Friday Forum that took up the whole episode number 45 waaaaaaay back May of 2014.  In the first season of SILY that started in February of this year I recorded all of my episodes ahead of time.  In seasons 2 and 3 I’ve needed to create them as we go along.  I still get a case of nerves every time I record, although it’s getting better the more I record.

[Geoff] Rule of thumb for me is for every min. of a SILY ep I spend 2 min. editing the audio.  This is in addition to an hour or so of writing.  I pre-record my episodes ahead of time (except for episode 550).

[Emilee] I usually read the full transcript of my episode to my mom before I record… just to ensure it’s comprehensible.

Host Roundtable:

Now, Here’s What We Learned Yesterday:

My idea in bringing us all together for a host roundtable was for each of us to talk about what brought us to the podcast, as well as what we’ve put into it and what we’ve gotten out of it,

To start the host roundtable discussion I’m going to pick one of you and give you my impression of your episodes and ask you to talk about your process. That person then picks the next until we come around back to me.

Here’s What We Learned:

[John] For me, SILY has given me the opportunity to look at life differently.  Especially now that I’m a co-host I look and analyze the experiences of my life for teachable moments.  I don’t think I did that very well before.  It has been great sharing SILY with my family and friends and I know for certain that there are new folks in the facebook group that are there because I introduced the podcast to them.  So, I want to say thank you to Darrell for giving me the opportunity to share in this amazing community.  I hope you look back on this labor of love as just that, because it has brought so much to so many.

[Geoff] My SILY Friday Forum entries along with other feedback helped get me my gig as a co-host at GSM.  But more than that it has introduced me to new friends with Emily, Barb, and John being just a few.  After years of blogging, SILY challenged me to grow in my writing and sharing.  Writing a SILY podcast is so different than a blog post.  You are forced to think about things and how they are being communicated.  But it gets you to think how your message will be received by people in the community. I’m grateful to Darrell for seeing the stories we all have inside of us and calling us out to share.

[Barb] I always enjoyed listening to SILY on the way to work each morning because it reminded me daily of our humanness and of our need for each other.  It can be easy to forget that you are not alone as you go through the joys and sorrows of life, and podcast reminds us that we are a community of people that care for each other.  My hope is that if my episodes touch even one person, then I can make a difference just as past hosts have done for me.  I’m grateful that Darrell gave me this opportunity and trusted me to share stories that matter.  

[Emilee] I am a sucker for a good story. I’ve been listening to Stuff I Learned Yesterday on and off since its inception and the thing that drew me in the most was the personal stories. The experiences shared by the hosts that are unique to that host. I joined the cast of SILY at a very pivotal time in my life, and the draw for me was an opportunity to stay present and alert in the midst of my grief…but also to provide a worldview just as I’d been receiving from Darrell and the rotating cast of the podcast. It has been an honor to be part of this adventure.

I’m Barb Rankin, I’m Geoff Gentry, I’m Emilee O’Leary, and I’m John McGrail (signing off for the last time), and this has been Stuff We Learned Yesterday.


(Special thanks to Karen for uploading the host roundtable to keep it a surprise for Darrell!)


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