Scully is dreaming. She is compelled to follow a dark figure through a house that isn’t familiar to her. In the house Scully is drawn to a snow globe containing a ship. Later at the office she sees a picture of the ship on Mulder’s desk. He tells her it is a crime scene photo for an open X file. Two seemingly unrelated teenage girls attack each other with no motive. They did each however report seeing a monster called Ghouli.

Upon interviewing the victims separately Mulder and Scully discover they have one more thing in common. They are both dating a boy named Jackson Van de Kamp. This surname was familiar to me immediately because in a previous episode we were told that William was adopted by a family named Van De Kamp. Could this case lead Mulder and Scully back to their son? When they arrive at the Van de Kamp home Scully immediately recognizes it as the place from her dream. There is not much time to dwell on that as gunshots are fired. Mulder and Scully rush in to find the parents dead in the kitchen and the back door open. Another shot rings out upstairs. It appears that they have a murder-suicide on their hands. Things may not be as they seem. Scully needs answers and Mulder is going to get them for her. When he goes to talk to the Police Officials outside I am left wondering why are two government agencies investigating a local murder?

Scully went to the Morgue to collect some hair samples for DNA testing from Jackson’s body. She must know if this is really William. The scene was heartbreaking as Scully explains to her Son’s lifeless body her regrets. Mulder comforts her and they leave to take the samples to the lab. Then the zipper on the body bag slowly opens and Jackson walks out. What is going on here? One thing is for sure the genetics prove that this is William. The title card this week said “I see what I want you to see”. I always knew William was a special boy. Now we are starting to see his abilities. William can manipulate what people see. He was able to make himself appear dead to escape the authorities that were pursuing him. Now in the hospital with people still in pursuit we see that he can also completely change his appearance to escape.

The ferry boat in the episode was called chimera. I wonder if this is a clue to the overarching mystery. In genetics a chimera is a animal or person with two complete sets of genes. In the season premiere the Cigarette Smoking Man said he was William’s Father. If William is a chimera it is possible that he could have genes from both Mulder and the CSM? At the end of the episode William speaks to Scully. Through her eyes he appears to be a kind man she had encountered earlier at the hospital. He reminded her to look at the big picture.

What is William’s next move? He said he is going on a road trip to see the world. I can only hope that his road trip will take him to the 14th Street Bridge. I hope that William does have the stem cells that Agent Mulder is going to need. What will happen next? Only time will tell. Each week as we get closer to the truth Darrell and Chip dive deep into the episode, unraveling all of the conspiracy piece by piece. Join in the conversation on the We Still Believe Podcast. The truth is out there and we are going to find it.


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