Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 16 Review: Inside Voices

Inside Voices” really seemed to break up the team in Agents of SHIELD, and we’re really wondering how this might lead to further disaster. With Coulson out in the wilderness with Talbot, Simmons and others off in a quinjet, May and Daisy in Zephyr One, and Mack and Deke stuck at the Lighthouse, things couldn’t be more divided.

Join us for show news, commentary and analysis for “Inside Voices,” Faith’s CoulSass moments, and our listener feedback segment! This week we talk about Simmons’ controversial choice to trick Mack, Fitz’s emotional reaction to her experiment, Robin’s reaction at seeing May again, Hale’s motivation for having Creel touch the gravitonium, Ruby’s rebellious streak that seems to have gotten the better of her, and much more!

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Agents of SHIELD Inside Voices Show Notes

The Reappearance of Raina and Quinn