Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Episode 8 Review: Collision Course (Part I)

Things seem to be back on track for Agents of SHIELD in “Collision Course (Part I)” in terms of the action, and we finally get some answers! Those mysteries that remain, especially the one surrounding the similarities between Sarge and Coulson, are more and more enticing the more we learn about those involved in the shrike invasion and their motivations.

Join us for show news, commentary and analysis for “Collision Course (Part I),” Faith’s S.H.I.E.L.D.S.A.S.S. feature, and our listener feedback segment! This week we talk about Fitz’s whining, Daisy’s skepticism, Snowflake’s amorousness, Deke’s obliviousness, Mack’s contrition and deception, and Izel’s secret knowledge. Remember to join the Agents of SHIELD (and other Marvel properties) discussion on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest news and live tweets during the episode. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite S.H.I.E.L.D.S.A.S.S. moment in the Facebook group as well!

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Agents of SHIELD Collision Course (Part I) Show Notes

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