We return to the Redverse for this episode to witness quite the plateau, but fear not – this season isn’t about to plateau anytime soon! We are joined this week by our friend Erin to discuss Milo Stanfield and how his ability seems to be the precursor to what the Observers do. We also talk about Olivia and how her true self is beginning to breach through the Fauxlivia/Foelivia facade. You will also hear some great feedback from Damon, Geoff (xforce11), Eric (or Eric from Pennsylvania, as you prefer), ShelkyBean, and Patty from Canadia! Next up, we will be covering the amazing episode “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sleep?” and will be joined by Sarah Clarke Stuart, author of the book Into the Looking Glass: Exploring the Worlds of Fringe! If you would like to share your thoughts about the next episode and be part of our feedback section, please feel free to contact us via one of the methods listed below! We would also love to have you join us as a co-host for a season 3 episode, so check out that link to see what’s still available!

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