Geoff (xforce11) joins us for this episode to discuss the first of four especially whacky Fringe episodes, Brown Betty, (of which we would get one each season from here on out). In this one, Walter, deeply troubled after the disappearance of Peter, tells Ella a story in which Olivia is a noir detective investigating the disappearance of Peter after he stole Walter’s mechanical heart, except, as Walter tells Ella more than once, things are not quite as they seem. We talk about our thoughts on the short musical numbers, the noir atmosphere, and the many anachronisms. We also hear from listeners like you, including Rachel, Eric from Pennsylvania, Erin, Rory, ShelkyBean, and Damon! Be sure to join us next time when we travel to Washington State to see what Peter is up to and meet one of the show’s best episodic characters, Martha Plimpton’s Sheriff Mathis! We will be joined by the aforementioned Rachel and would love to hear your thoughts on “Northwest Passage,” so please feel free to reach out to us!

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