There’s more than one of everything, and that include our hosts this week. We have not two hosts talking about the climactic first season finale but once again we have three! This time, Chris and Darrell are joined by a voice that listeners of the original run of The Fringe Podcast will definitely recognize – the one and only Clint! In Fringe’s first season finale, Olivia notices a connection between The Pattern incidents while Walter and Peter retrieve the only thing that can stop Jones from his ultimate plan. Everything comes to a head when a final confrontation with Jones (in this timeline anyway) leads Olivia to finally coming face-to-face with William Bell. We discuss our favorite moments from this finale, things that we noticed for the first time on this rewatch, and so much more. We also get feedback submissions from Geoff (xforce11), Michael London of Fringe Connections, Rory, and Patty from Canadia! If you would like to be part of the feedback section in the future, be sure to hit us up via one of the contact methods listed below. We would also love to have you as a co-host for a season 2 episode like Clint was here. Sign up to be a co-host by visiting the community portal! 

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