We’re back to talk about the punnily titled “The Same Old Story” – the second episode of Fringe! This episode introduces us to supersoldiers and clones, both of which will come back into play later in the series, and it also drops another huge hint about Peter’s mysterious history. Olivia is totally beating herself up due to John Scott’s betrayal, but should she be? Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose, but why does this particular serial killer capture the attention of our Fringe team? Well, because he is stealing pituitary glands from his victims! Why? Because Fringe science. (Don’t we just say the sweetest things?) We discuss all of the foreshadowings dropped in this episode, most of which we didn’t catch our first time seeing the episode, and we also share the feedback that you – the Bunsen Burners – submitted to us! If you would like to be a part of that in the future and/or sign up to be a co-host, hit us up via one of the contact methods listed below!

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