We take a quick break from the Cortexiphan story to discuss a vampire… sort of. This vampire is engineered by science and must feed on spinal fluid rather than blood. (That’s Fringe for you!) Dive into our discussion of this myth-alone episode which features a standalone story with some loose threads to the overarching mythology. We discuss our memories of this episode and how, for some reason, we both had forgotten about its ties to ZFT. We also, as always, share feedback sent in by listeners including new feedbacker to this podcast (but not to the Golden Spiral Media community) Linda, Rory, Patty from Canadia, and Geoff (xforce11)! Remember to hit us up via one of the contact methods listed below if you would like to be a part of the listener feedback section in the future. We would also love to have you as a co-host for an episode, which you can sign up for by visiting the community portal!

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