Imagine having a nightmare in which you murder someone only to wake up and discover that it really happened… or did it? Dreams aren’t always literal, after all. Join us as we discuss one of the best episodes of Fringe’s first season, the second episode of the show that dives into Olivia’s past as a Cortexiphan subject. We discuss our thoughts about the connection that Olivia shares with Nick Lane as well as the connection that she shares with Peter of which Walter seems to be somewhat aware, how much of this episode we remembered since the last time that we watched it, the big reveal at the very end of the episode, and so much more! We also hear from our regular feedback contributors Geoff (xforce11) and Patty from Canadia, as well as first-time feedbacker Rory! Remember to hit us up via one of the contact methods listed below if you would like to be a part of the listener feedback section in the future. We would also love to have you as a co-host for an episode, which you can sign up for by visiting the community portal!

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