In this weeks episode of The Child’s Play Rewatch, Cory and Nathan play hide the soul as they discuss “Child’s Play 2.”


Our Favourite Trivia:

United Artists released the original Child’s Play in 1988 and greenlit the second film. The sequel was in pre-production when a UA executive told producer David Kirschner that the film was put on hold as the studio was about to be acquired by the Australian group Qintex, which decided it was not in their best interest to make horror films. After offers with Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox (now a subsidiary of Disney.), The Price Company, Carolco (who during this time had a distribution deal with Columbia’s sister studio, TriStar Pictures), New Line Cinema (now a label of Warner Bros.), and Disney’s Touchstone Pictures label to buy the film were rejected, Kirschner produced it independently with Universal Pictures distributing.

Don Mancini stated that in an early draft of his script, the film was set during the Christmas season; this would have explained why so many Good Guy dolls were in the factory during the finale.

The original script had an opening scene of a court hearing dealing with the events of the previous film. Catherine Hicks was to reprise her role of Karen Barclay in this sequence but it was cut before filming began.

This film takes place in Chicago in 1990. Home Alone also takes place in Chicago in 1990. Plus both films were released the same year.

Despite not reprising her role, Catherine Hicks was constantly on set for the sequel to see her husband, Kevin Yagher, who operated the animatronic Chucky doll.

Chris Sarandon was originally going to reprise his role as Det. Mike Norris from the first film, but his scenes were cut from the film due to budgetary issues.

In the later seasons of Seinfeld (1989) (in which Grace Zabriskie plays “Mrs. Ross,” after playing “Grace Poole” in this film), a copy of Child’s Play 2 can be spotted on the shelf in Jerry’s apartment where he keeps his VHS tapes.

Mary Steenburgen and Karen Black were considered for Grace Poole before Grace Zabriskie was cast.

A tie-in novelization to the film was later written by Matthew J. Costello. The author added in some of his own plot scenes exclusive to the novel, such as going deeper into Andy Barclay and Chucky’s past. Chucky is characterized to have an absent father and his abusive mother being a dwarf. Chucky got teased a lot because of this and later strangled his mother to death. Also, Chucky was put in special classes when he was younger.

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Next week we’ll be concluding the original “trilogy” as we discuss “Child’s Play 3.”

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