In this weeks start to the Voyagers! Rewatch, Cory and Tom soar to victory and free the oppressed as they discuss episodes 1 and 2, “Voyagers” & “Created Equal.”


Time Traveling Voyager, Phineas Bogg, lands in the room of young Jeffrey Jones in the year 1982, due to a malfunctioning time travel device called The Omni. Jeffrey’s dog immediately attacks Bogg, biting his guide book, resulting in a struggle as Bogg fights to get it back. Jeffrey tried to assist but is inadvertently knocked out the window as Bigg jumps after him, activating the Omni before they plummet to the ground below.

The pair end up in Egypt, 1450 BC, and Bogg explains that his job is to help history along, give it a push where it’s needed, in the right direction. Unfortunately, having lost his guidebook, he now has no idea what to do, admitting he didn’t pay attention in Voyager class due to using infatuation with a female classmate.

Luckily Jeffrey is a history whiz, something he got from his late father, and realizes that the baby the pair just found near the river is a baby Moses, and needs to be pushed back down the river so that he will be discovered by the Pharaoh’s daughter, cementing his place in history. This turn of events changes the Omni’s blinking red light, to green, indicating that Bogg has finished his job. Before congratulations can be offered however, Jeffrey pushed the Omni’s activation button and the two are whisked away to…

France, 1918, where they happen upon Eddie Rickenbacker, a famous American airplane ace fighter and his companion Mary Murphy. Eddie informs them that the Germans are winning the war and laughs at Jeffrey’s questions about why the don’t see any airplanes flying and attacking, and has no clue who the inventors of the airplane, the Wright Brothers, even are.

Bogg and Jeffrey travel back to the Wright Brothers bicycle shop in the year 1903 and discover the two, Wilbur and Orville, fighting over a woman and destroying their own airplane prototypes. While they storm out, Bogg and Jeffrey fix the brothers’ glider and hatch a plan which gets Wilbur and Orville to a test site where Bogg demonstrates that their glider can fly, albeit not exactly land. The experiment however, gets the brothers thinking and two walk off, reunited, eager to develop their next prototype.

With the Omni showing green, Bogg and Jeffrey return to 1918 but discover that Eddie and Mary no longer recognize them due to the changed history. Also unfortunate is that the Omni is red again due to Rickenbacker injuring his arm and now unable to fight in an aerial battle with the infamous German pilot, the Red Baron. Bogg volunteers to step in for him, while Rickenbacker and Mary escape in another plane. Bogg and Jeffrey face off the Red Baron and eventually manage to shoot him down but their plane is also damaged and as it crashes to the ground, the two use the Omni to escape a fiery death. They land in England in 1066, with a blinking red Omni and hearing the sound of cannons, a sound which should be impossible as Jeffrey states that cannons didn’t exist then. As an army rises up over the hill, Bogg lifts Jeffrey up and they voyage off to find the green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

Jon-Erik Hexum was noticed by John Travolta’s manager. “Voyagers!” was his first gig but it was cancelled as it was up against 60 Minutes. He went on to “Making of a Male Model”, an episode of a drama called “Hotel” and “The Bear”. “Cover Up” was his next big thing, playing a undercover CIA operative. During a delay in filming the 7th episode, he was playing with a prop gun with blanks and shot himself. The blanks caused blunt force trauma shattering part of his skull into his brain causing a hemorrhage. He died a week later after surgery and was taken off life-support. He was replaced by another actor as a different agent.

Meeno (Miro) Peluce is the half brother of Soleil Moon Frye of “Punky Brewster” fame. He’s been acting since he was six years old. Did a few TV shows in the late 70’s, including “Hulk”, “Starsky and Hutch”, “Eight is Enough”, “Different Strokes”, “Don’t Go Near the Park”, he played Matt in “The Amityville Horror”, the “Bad News Bears” TV show, “Best of the West”, then Voyagers. After he did a few more guest appearances, but was done by ‘85. Went on to teaching in the 90’s at Hollywood High School and now works as a photographer. He did some writing and producing in the late 90’s and his last credit is for “Alex in Wonder” (Sex and a Girl) as an actor with his sister Soleil.

The Omni was originally supposed to be a wrist device but that would be harder for Bogg to lose so it was changed. Below is a picture of the “Fisher-Price Compass” Tom used to play with as a kid, along with a screenshot of the actual prop used in the show.
compass Omni

Mary Murphy was an actress from the 50’s. She had darker hair but not during WW1. From Voyagers Guidebook, Mary Pickford was the original actress’ name, but the estate wouldn’t allow the name to be used. The name was used in the Voyagers junior novel.

There was no mention of an Agnes in Wright Brothers history. The brothers always said they had no time for women and were wedded to their work.

Eddie Rickenbacker was the most successful American fighter ace in WW1 with 26 aerial victories and was a Medal of Honor recipient. He started an automobile company in 1920 and produced the first four wheel brake system. Unfortunately, he went out of business because other car manufacturers were against him. Eventually though, all cars ended up with four wheel brake systems. Some people claim Eddie fought against the Red Baron but there isn’t definitive proof. It’s possible he fought against one of the barons troops.

Louis Charles-Joseph Bleriot made the first flight across the English channel in 1909. He was a French aviator, inventor and engineer. He invented the first practical headlamps for automobiles as well as being the first to use a combination of hand/arm-operated joystick and foot-operated rudder control that is still in use to present day.

Wilbur was played by Ed Begley Jr. from “St Elsewhere” for 130-some episodes and everything else!

Orville was played by Donald Petrie who directed the movies “Miss Congeniality”, “Grumpy Old Men”, “How To Lose A guy In 10 Days” and “Mystic Pizza.”

Agnes was played by Sondra Currie. She was Linda in “The Hangover” movies.

Rickenbacker was played by Peter Frechette. He was also in “The Profiler” TV series.

Mary Murphy was played by Faye Grant. You may recognise her as Julie Parrish in the series “V.”

Aunt Elizabeth and Tom? Tom was played by Terrence O’Hara. He is a well known director for “Blacklist”, “NCIS” and “Jag.”

Elizabeth was Jean Bradley who has just 5 credits, 2 of which are for Voyagers, with the other 3 just being some shorts.

In the 2018 Halloween movie, Voyagers is playing on a TV set when Michael Myers enters a woman’s house, kicking off the mid-movie killing spree.

Created Equal:

Bogg and Jeffrey voyage to Capua, Italy in 73 BC, landing in an arena at the end of a gladiator fight featuring Spartacus. The consul, Cicero, orders them to be taken, along with Spartacus, to his Rome arena, which is a problem because Spartacus originally led the biggest slave revolt from Capua. While in Rome, and kept under lock and key, Spartacus discusses the plans he had to unite the gladiators, with Bogg trying to convince him to not give up on them. Meanwhile Jeffrey, who was originally meant to be a slave for Cicero’s daughter, Calpurnia, has befriended her instead, and manages to gain her help in freeing Spartacus and Bogg. Unfortunately, the plan goes awry with Spartacus being recaptured, and Bogg and Jeffrey sentenced to death, forced to use the Omni to escape to…

Missouri 1847, where the two encounter a slave running from dogs and some men. They discover that the escaping slave is Harriet Tubman who, according to Jeffrey, shouldn’t be in Missouri at this time in history. Harriet is taken back into her master Bastain’s custody as Bogg and Jeff hatch separate plans to free her: Bogg will use his card shark skills while Jeffrey opts for the more direct approach in breaking her out of her room with help from his newly met friend, Sam.

Bogg’s skills are not bad but not good enough to beat Bastain as he eventually ends up on the losing side of the table. Jeffrey and Sam manage to break Harriet out and the three start traveling down river on a raft, and eventually start heading out on foot to get Harriet out of harm’s way but the sheriff catches up with them and brings them back to own to be hung. Luckily, Bogg shows up and informs them that Harriet is no longer a slave since he used his Omni as a final bet to win her freedom from Bastain and time is set correctly once again. With that, Bogg and Jeffrey return to…

Rome, Italy, landing in Cicero’s sister’s room who is eager to show Bogg how much she missed him. Cicero is also eager to show Bogg how much he missed him by taking him prisoner, and letting him face off in a deathmatch with Spartacus. Jeffrey is spared as Cicero does not wish to disappoint his daughter.

Bogg tells Spartacus to make the fight look good and that he will find a way out of this for them both. Jeffrey once again convinces Calpurnia to help him and he commandeers Cicero’s chariot, rushing into the arena to save Bogg and Spartacus, just after both men have thrown down their swords, refusing to fight any longer. Spartacus takes the chariot back towards Capua where he will begin his revolt, and while Bogg promises his young charge a nice vacation, Jeffrey doesn’t buy into it and playfully grabs the Omni and runs, with Bogg chasing after him, towards their next green light.

Voyagers Guidebook:

Calpurnia was born in 75BC. She was the third last wife of Julius Cesar.

Bastaine was played by Ed Bakey, nicknamed Blade due to his striking profile. He’s done a bunch of Western projects and appeared in “Philadelphia Experiment” and “The Sting.”

Octavia was played by Leigh Hamilton. She’s had various roles here and there. She was in episode 4 of “The Magician” starring Bill Bixby.

Harriet was played by Faye Hauser. She did 49 episodes of “The Young and the Restless” and also appeared in “The Hot Chick” as Mrs. Thomas

Calpurnia was played by Robin Ignico. She was in a few films throughout the 80’s, including “Annie”, but then nothing till 2015 when she played a burglar in a movie called “No Solicitors” with Eric Roberts.

Spartacus was played by Dan Pastorini. He was a football and baseball athlete, he played for Oilers, Raiders, Rams and Eagles. He posed for Playgirl in 1980 and now has a sports show on local Texas TV.

Cicero was played by Jay Robinson. He played Caligula in a couple of old Roman gladiator movies. He also had guest appearances all over TV shows in the 70’s and 80’s.

Tamarus was played by Tim Rossovich. He was a tough guy actor of the 80’s. He was also an athlete who played for the Eagles, Chargers, and the Oilers.

Batiatus was played by Ian Abercrombie. Most recently he was the voice of Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars cartoons and video games. He played Alfred in “Birds of Prey” and Mr. Pitt, Elaine’s boss, from “Seinfeld.”

Voyage away in regular clothes/costume clothes.

Whats Next?

Next week we’ll be discussing “Bully and Billy” & “Agents of Satan.”


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