In this weeks episode of the Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom valiantly fight a prison sentence as they discuss season 5 episodes 16 and 17, “Return of the Evil Leaper” and “Revenge of the Evil Leaper.”

Return of the Evil Leaper:

Sam leaps into Arnold “The Masked Marauder” Watkins, a college student whose self proclaimed mission is to protect the innocent, which in the most recent cases are his classmates who are undergoing fraternity hazings.

Sam saves the lives of one of the pledges and changes history but unless Al can convince Arnold, back in the waiting room, to give up his crusade, he is destined to die senselessly.

While Al works on Arnold, Sam tries to bide his time until he can leap however a wrench is thrown in the works when the fraternity president’s girlfriend turns out to be Alia the evil leaper in disguise. She tells Sam that she is there to kill him and that if she doesn’t she will be tortured for her failure again.

Al, finding out that Arnold’s parents were gunned down when he was just a child, manages to convince him to give up his quest, and honor their memory by living on instead of trying to make good on his death wish. He returns to Sam, shocked to see Alia and very wary of Sam’s plan to leap together to save her.

As Sam races in an attempt to stop the fraternity from future race hazings, he and Alia must leap from the vehicle when Al reveals the brake lines were cut. Sam cradles Alia as both of their leaper energies manifest and the two leap.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Neil Patrick Harris plays Mike. He’s had an amazing career, but is probably most well known for his roles as Doogie Howser in “Doogie Howser MD”, and as Barney Stinson in “How I Met Your Mother.”

Frank was played by Bojesse Christopher. He was recently in “True Detective” and appeared in the movie “Point Break.’ He’s named after Bo Diddley and Jesse James.

Jerry was played by Michael Manasseri. He was Wyatt Donnelly in the “Weird Science” TV series. We’ve seen him before in the Sliders season 5 episode A Current Affair as Bobby Hawkes.

The first of this episodes unsung heroes is Tristan Tait. He’s had a number of roles as a supporting actor; he was a cop in “The Dark Knight”, a soldier in “28 Weeks Later” and a reporter in “Fantastic Beasts.”

The second unsung hero as Dawn Taylor was Raquel Krelle. She was in the TV series “Mike Hammer, Private Eye” and also had roles in “Ghoulies 4” and “The Rock.”

Revenge of the Evil Leaper:

Sam and Alia leap into Liz Tate and Angel Jensen, respectively, two prisoners that are suspects in the death of another inmate named Carol.

In order to conceal Alia from Zoe, Sam hypnotizes her into believing she really is Angel, while Al goes to the waiting room to get more information from the real Liz and Angel in an attempt to find the real murderer.

While Sam tries to discover the person who committed the murder, Zoe leaps into the warden in an attempt to find Alia and is assisted by her new hologram assistant Thames. Luckily, the hypnosis, along with the prisons electrical grid modified by Ziggy is helping to mask Alia.

A sympathetic guard named Vivian helps Sam and Alia out by helping them escape, believing Sam when he tells her that they are actually time travelers. Their escape is stopped however when Zoe and Thames cut off their escape route and she fires a shot directly at Alia in payback for her betrayal. Luckily though, Alia leaps at that moment, returning Angel to her proper place and the bullet does not harm either one. Sam quickly grabs Vivian’s gun and shoots at Zoe who also leaps out and the warden appears unharmed.

As Vivian puts the women under state arrest to protect them from the abuses of the warden and his staff, Sam tells her that the warden had gotten Carol pregnant and performed an abortion on her that went badly and decided to let her die to cover it all up. Al reports that the warden and staff are fired and Vivian becomes the new warden as Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Masterson was played by Maggie Roswell. She’s done a lot of voice work in “The Simpsons” as Maude Flanders and Helen Lovejoy, among others, and also Animaniacs, James Bond Jr. and several video games.

Barbara Montgomery played Vivian. Her first major role was in the TV series “Amen” as Casietta Hetebrink and later appeared in “Married People” as Olivia Williams. Most recently she’s been working with “The ABLE Project.”

The first unsung hero of this episode as Liz Tate is Cynthia Steele. She was in “Final Judgement”, “Panic In The Park” and “Jag.”

The second unsung hero as Angel is Lori O’Loughlin. She was in “Mr. Jones” and “Night Stand.” She also worked on visual effects for the remake of “I Spy” starring Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson.

Whats Next?

With only 3 podcast episodes left for Quantum Leap, next week Cory & Tom will be discussing “Goodbye Norma Jean” & “The Beast Within”.


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