In this weeks episode of the Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom are waiting on a downpour but remain close to each other as they discuss season 4 episodes 9 & 10, “A Single Drop of Rain” and “Unchained”.

A Single Drop of Rain:

Sam leaps into Billy Beaumont, a self professed purveyor of precipitation, a rain maker, who has returned to his hometown to bring them the much needed water. Assisting him is a young man named Clinton, who after being saved from the slums by Billy, hopes to one day take over the business himself.

Upon returning home, Sam finds a lot of people grateful for us return and promises, and one person who seemingly hates him, his brother Ralph. Ralph’s wife, Annie, was an old flame of Billy’s, and seeing him again has promoted her to entertain thoughts of leaving town with him, something that Al says he is here to prevent.

Al helps Sam create a rudimentary cloud seeding mixture, and the town holds a huge picnic in celebration. While Ralph rains on their parade, upsetting his wife in the process, the townspeople remain hopeful after a stirring speech by Sam.

Later, Annie confesses wanting to runaway, with Sam trying to comfort and convince her not to, when Ralph appears and after being egged on by Sam to do or say something nice to his wife, the two get into a fistfight, with all of Ralph’s frustrations and jealousy coming out in the process. As they fight, Annie comes to a new understanding about Ralph and the pair reignite their love just as the thunder rolls in, rain starting to pour down on their town, with the two brothers cementing their brotherhood, while Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Anne Haney plays the Mom. She was also Cassy Thailer in the QL episode 8&1/2 Months. She also played Mrs. Sellner in Mrs Doubtfire, she was in Doogie Howser, Coach, ER and Liar Liar. She also guested in The Golden Palace along side Cheech Marin, Don Cheadle and Jack Black.

Clinton is played by Carl Anthony Payne II. He also played Cole Brown in the show Martin.
He’s been in a series of the movies, all would be considered lower budget, equivalent to Hallmark movies with titles like Marry Us For Christmas, Crazy Christmas, Zulu Wedding, He’s Mine Not Yours, Love the One You’re With, My First Love and A Love That Forgives.

The man in the wheelchair, Davison, was RG Armstrong. He played General Phillips in Predator and Pruneface in Dick Tracy.

Ralph was played by Patrick Massett who was Rusty in the QL episode The Americanization of Machiko. He was the writer of Lara Croft Tomb Raider. He too appeared in Tequila and Bonetti.

This episodes unsung hero is Ted Baader. He’s also been in LA Law and Cohen and Tate as minor characters. He was also in a movie about the Challenger Shuttle tragedy.

Did you know- Hail Cannons send a shockwave of sounds into atmosphere.


Sam leaps into Cole, a convicted criminal that is part of a chain gang working in the backwoods of Alabama as part of their incarceration. A fellow convict named Boone hastily makes an escape with Sam following behind due to the two being chained together. They manage to elude the man in charge of the prisoners, Boss Cooley, but eventually with Boone’s claustrophobia, they are recaptured.

Al reports that even though Boone was arrested for a jewelry store robbery, the real robber is still at large due to similar robberies happening in the county. Jake Wiles, a friend of Boss Cooley, turns out to be the one committing the robberies wearing blackface. Sam explains this to Boone, with Boone later asking if he got this information from Al, whom he heard Sam talking to during the night.

Boone attacks Wiles when he shows up and Sam is forced to tell the Warden, Captain Elias, what he knows about Wiles, but without proof there is nothing to be done. Later, Wiles is found murdered and Sam and Al work out that it must have been Cooley, working together with Wiles on the robberies to split the money.

After Boone attacks Cooley, he orders Sam and Boone to engage in a cock fight to the death, but Sam manages to distract the prisoners with a snake, allowing Sam and Boone to make a break for it. They do a good job of covering their tracks on their way to the state line, but Cooley again finds them. Al distracts the search dog, allowing Sam to grab for the gun causing Cooley to fall over a bridge and smash his head. Boone manages to get to the state line and heads off, bidding Sam and Al a fond farewell as Sam leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

This is the only episode of QL with an all male cast.

Don Sparks played Jake Wiles. He had a recurring role on LA Law.

This episodes unsung hero is Mark Kemble. He’s had a total of 12 roles and wrote Bad Hurt (2015) and Stable Boy (2014).

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “The Play’s the Thing” and “Running in Honor”.


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