In this episode of the Quantum Leap Rewatch, Cory and Tom hit the road and ride until Christmas as they discuss season 3 episodes 9 and 10, “Rebel Without a Clue” and “A Little Miracle.”

Rebel Without a Clue:

Sam leaps into a biker named Shane Funny Bone Thomas tasked with preventing the stabbing death of a girl named Becky, the girlfriend of Dillon, leader of Shane’s motorcycle gang.

Sam struggles with riding a motorcycle, causing a small accident with one of his biker gang members named Mad Dog but Al is able to help him through it. The gang meets Ernie, a local diner owner, has his son’s rare and vintage bike in the garage, waiting for him to return from the Korean war, even though the truth is that his son is MIA and will be pronounced dead within two years.

Sam tries to convince Becky to return home but she has a strong desire to be on the road with Dillon, fueled by Jack Kerouac’s popular book On The Road. Unfortunately Dillon gets drunk and due to his anger at Sam, physically assaults Becky, coming close to raping her before Sam arrives to save her. With Ernie’s help they hide out at his diner as Sam visits Kerouac who lives nearby, pleading with him to talk some sense into Becky but he refuses.

Sam returns to the diner to find the gang holding Beck and Ernie hostage as Dillon starts to mess up the place. Another fight breaks out between Sam and Mad Dog with Sam getting the best of him due to his martial arts skills. Dillon then faces off against Sam but despite his cheating tactics, Al manages to help Sam knock him out as the gang takes off, leaving Dillon and Mad dog to be arrested.

Knowing Ernie will die shortly after learning his son is dead, Sam pleads with Becky to stay at the diner. She protests but Kerouac shows up and convinces her that to be out on the road is not just about the physical road but the journey of life and the people you meet. Having decided to stay, Al reports that Ernie continues a long life, theorizing that Becky’s presence helped him deal with the eventual death of his son and Sam finally leaps.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Diedrich Bader plays Dillon in this episode. You may recognise him from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and “The Drew Carey Show”, as well as movies like “Office Space”, and “Napoleon Dynamite.” He had a small early role in an episode of TNG and has many credits in Batman animated shows and video games.

Ernie is played by Teddy Wilson. We’ve seen him a Quantum Leap as Grady in Pool hall Blues.

This episodes unsung hero is Kristopher Logan. He played Troubled Guy in “Demolition Man,” and also appeared in the Clint Eastwood movie “The Dead Pool” as well as “Howard the Duck”. He had a small part in TNG and played Mr Shor in “Glee”. We’ve seen him in Sliders playing Creep in A Thousand Deaths.

Kiss with History:

Jack Kerouac and his book “On the Road” are both featured in this episode. You can hear from the man himself in this clip-

A Little Miracle:

Sam leaps into Reginald Pearson, valet to Michael Blake a real estate Mogul intent on tearing down a salvation army mission that stands in his way to build his dream building, the Blake towers.

The leader of the mission, captain Downey, has been trying to get Blake to reconsider for months but has been blocked at every turn.

Al inspires Sam to try and scrooge Blake, showing him his past by taking him to his childhood neighborhood, but it ends up turning sour when he learns of an old friends death, caused by suicide when he lost his job due to Blake buying out and automating the shop where he worked.

Sam tries to show Blake his present, where he only has cold steel and brick in his life as opposed to warmth and love, and it does indeed seem to work as the two pay the mission a visit and Blake shows that he has become enamored with captain Downey, singing along with her in their Christmas carols. However, one if the children in the mission mentions that they don’t have a home anymore, due to Blake’s coming building, and he reverts back to his cold and angry self, leaving.

Since Blake can see Al due to his brain waves being similar to Sam’s, Al plays the part of the ghost of christmas future, and shows Blake new reports of his downfall and bankruptcy, and eventually how he does alone and broke. Finally Blake understands and goes to the mission, deciding to continue putting up his building but leaving the mission intact on the bottom floor of it, and eventually, as Al reports, will marry and have a family with Captain Downey, allowing Sam to leap

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Jarrett Lennon plays “Tiny Boy” in this episode. He played Nicky Collins in Lois and Clark episode Illusions of Grandeur.

This episodes unsung hero is Milan Nicksic. He’s had side roles in only a few notable TV shows. You may, however, want to check out the movie “Mean Guns” he was in with Ice-T and Christopher Lambert!

Laura Downey is played by Melinda Mcgraw. She played Barbara Gordon in “Dark Knight” films and also played Melissa Scully in “The X-Files”, was in “Mad Men” as Bobbie Barrett and “Men of a Certain Age” with Scott Bakula as his love interest.

Charles Rocket (Charles Adams Claverie) plays Blake, he was Ryan Wiley in Lois and Clark episode Operation Blackout, he was the bad guy who faked his death. He was also in “Dumb and Dumber” as Nicholas Andre and did SNL for a season. He unfortunately committed suicide in October of 2005.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “Runaway” and “8 ½ Months”.


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