The sequel we’ve been waiting for and leading up to in this series rewatch is finally here! Cory and Nathan have been to the movies to watch the latest instalment in the Broken Lizard universe and all set to discuss “Super Troopers 2”, right meow.

Super Trooper 2 (2018):

Years after the first film, the guys have been fired from their jobs as police officers due to a screw-up and now work in construction with Farva as their manager. When it is discovered that a village in Canada is actually within the United States an international border dispute arises between the two North American nations. The five are given a chance to be state troopers again and set up a new highway patrol station in the disputed area of Canada.


Both Cory and Nathan are in agreement here. We give this a very strong recommend. The film is a wonderful combination of fan service, fresh comedy and well continued performances from the Broken Lizard troop.

What’s Up Next?:

You’ll have to tune in to find out why, but we are rewatching the Rutger Haure cult classic, “Split Second.”

Following that, we’ve decided to go deep into the comedy past to rewatch the Abbott & Costello cross-overs with the Universal Monsters! We hope you’ll join us.

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