We’re at the start of season2 already! Cory and Tom find themselves on a not so romantic train ride and discover why disco is deadly as they discuss “Honeymoon Express” and “Disco Inferno.”

Honeymoon Express:

In the present day, Al is facing a the committee that controls the funding for Project Quantum leap and unless he can prove that Sam is truly back in the past by affecting a giant world change, is considering cutting their funding.

Sam meanwhile, in the past, has lept into policeman Tom McBride who is on his honeymoon with his wife Diane who is intent on consummating their new marriage. Sam distracts her by helping her study for her bar exam and finds out from Al that his mission is to stop the U2 Bomber from being launched, a mission that confuses Sam as this is a huge world event of the like that they have never been asked to affect before. Facing Sam’s pressing questions, Al then informs him that the real reason he is there is to help Diane pass her bar exam but also explains the problem with the committee back in the future.

Adding to the trouble is Diane’s ex husband, Roget, a former arms dealer, returns with hopes of getting Diane back in his arms at ANY cost, including Sam/Tom’s death. After several incidents between Sam and Roget and his henchman, Sam devises a plan that gives him the upper hand temporarily but Roget returns to try and kill yet again, before finally losing the battle between he and Sam.

Sam and Diane reach their honeymoon destination. While Sam continues again to fend off the amorous Diane by peppering her with law questions, he reveals that she answers one question wrong which could have cost her the exam.

Back in the present, having not affected a world huge change, Al awaits the committee chairperson to officially announce the cutting of their funding. However the chairperson suddenly changes into Diane, having now scored better in her bar exam in the past, thanks to Sam’s help, and reinstates their funding for the next year.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

Dis you notice there was no opening monologue for these first 2 episodes? We know it comes back, but do you miss Sam’s “caca” speech”?

The Congress Chairman is played by Warren Frost. Unfortunately, he just died last year in February. He also played Dr Will Hayward in Twin Peaks, and also appeared in Seinfeld, Matlock and Sister Act.

Our unsung hero is Ron Chabidon. Quantum Leap was his last role according to IMDb, but before this he was in “The Experts” with Travolta and Kelly Preston.

Kiss with History:

Not too much, really just the discussion to change the outcome of the U2 mission and shortening the Cold War.

Al’s Five Wives:

*Al took his first, third and fifth wives to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon
*Wife 4 was named Sharon and wife 5 was named Maxine
*Sharon likes to wear pink babydolls
*Maxine wears nothing at all
*Maxine flavoured her toes with mint leaves
Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 3.51.56 pm

Disco Inferno:

Sam finds himself leaping into Chad Stone, stuntman, working with his little brother Chris and his father Ray on various movies in Hollywood. Chris is desperate to get his stuntman card but his father has Chad doing the work, thinking Chris is too soft having been brought up by his mother after Ray and her got divorced.

While Ziggy has crashed in the future, Al manages to find out that Chris dies in the next few days while performing a stunt. Sam tries to prevent this by not allowing Chris to fill in for him in an easy stunt but it only broadens the distance between the two brothers. The incident causes Sam to remember his own older brother, Tom, and eventually recalls that he died during the Vietnam War.

When Sam discovers Chris’s musical talent, he pushes him to develop it and goes so far as to set him at an amateur night to show people what he can do. Chris does a great job but his father won’t acknowledge his talent. This causes Chris to accept a stunt job, behind his family’s back, which turns out to be improperly set up and results in an explosion and fire breaking out, leaving Chris trapped. Sam jumps in to the rescue and saves him, and then later, using his knowledge of the future, makes a bet that pushes his father to allow Chris his dream of pursuing music as a job.

Ziggy’s Data Retrieval:

The unsung hero is Kevin Light as Chad Stone. He now has a yoga school with his wife. He’s done a lot of TV, but notably was in Day of the Warrior with Julie Strain, directed by Andy Sidaris. You can check out the full movie on YouTube for as long as the video stays active (it may get taken down)-

The Dad (Ray) in this episode was on Baywatch, as was Kevin Light.

The SNL episode was made up of clips that never aired together. Murray and Chevy never appeared together in an episode of SNL. The Coneheads don’t make their debut until ‘77 and the Conehead skit that was in an episode aired in ‘78.

Kiss with History:

*“Earthquake” came out in 1974 according to IMDb
*Who is Ben Cartwright on the set of “Earthquake”? Actually Lorne Greene, who played the character Royse in “Earthquake”
*Gerald Ford trips is from ‘75 though he did trip a lot due to an old knee injury.

Whats Next?

Next weeks episode discussions are “The Americanization of Machiko” and “What Price Gloria?”


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