Surprise! Cory & Nathan have one last episode for 2017, and what better way to celebrate than rewatching the 1980 cult classic “New Year’s Evil.” Who will survive the night? Who will survive this discussion? And who will fall pray to Evil’s plan?

New Year’s Evil (1980):

As the film begins New Year’s Eve is on its way and television’s most famous punk rock lady icon, Diane Sullivan (or “Blaze” as her fans call her), is holding a late night countdown celebration of music and partying, televised live from a Hollywood hotel. All is going well until Diane receives a phone call from an odd-sounding stranger claiming his name is Evil, who announces on live television that when the clock strikes midnight in each time zone, a ‘Naughty Girl’ will be “punished” (murdered), then the killer signs off with a threat claiming that Diane will be the last Naughty Girl to be punished.

The studio crew takes safety measures and heightens security, but in the local insane asylum a nurse is found viciously slaughtered at the stroke of midnight EST. The killer records his victims as he murders them and calls back the station each time playing the tapes back to prove he’s serious. There are many suspects as to who the mysterious killer/caller is; a crazed fan, a religious psychotic, or maybe it’s someone much closer to Diane than anyone could have ever expected.

The killer eventually gets caught trying to kill Diane and flees from the scene. He races toward the rooftop, where he commits suicide by jumping. The survivor is loaded into an ambulance, while her son is seen wearing the killer’s old mask in the ambulance with the corpse of the medic at the front.


We really enjoyed this film. Kip Niven in the role of Evil is outstanding. We understand this isn’t the most coherent of all the slasher films out there, but they were aiming for gory fun and nailed it. It’s also quite refreshing to return to a time when the formula hadn’t been worked out yet, allowing the film to trot it’s own course and free up the actors to try their own bits and pieces to see how they fall into line. A solid recommend for the lover of cheap and easy slashers. This is also readily available on YouTube in it’s entirety, but get in there while it lasts.

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