We’re getting back to comic book rogue in episode 17 “Captain Cold.” Then in episode 19, we find a strong history of blue Flash’s and discuss this original idea in “Twin Streaks.”

Captain Cold:

In the midst of a record-breaking summer heat wave, cutthroat crime boss Jimmy Swain prepares to take over the Central City underworld by eliminating his competitors. To that end he has hired the mysterious Captain Cold, a mercenary albino hit man wielding advanced weaponry capable of freezing his targets at subzero temperatures. Having finished his job with the city’s underworld, he soon becomes outright obsessed with ending the life of the fastest man alive. After several confrontations and an almost apparent win, Barry finally triumphs through the use of a special heat belt developed by Tina and a well placed mirror, ending the early winter.

“Captain Cold” Flash Points:

A cool quick reference to Lois Lane this episode.

We also uncovered the history of casting Captain Cold for this episode; apparently Amanda Pays’ husband, Corbin Brenden, was up for the role but had to bow out due to scheduling conflicts with “LA Law”.

Twin Streaks:

When the scheming scientists of the Intellagen Corporation, Jason and Ted, encounter difficulties in their misguided efforts to artificially grow a super-speed human replicant, they seek a solution in the stolen DNA of the Flash, the one person they know has a body that can withstand great speed. Their experiments thus give birth to Pollux, a clone of the Flash that possesses all of his superpowers but is mentally a hyperactive delinquent with the intellect of a child and, desperate to gain a sense of identity.

Once learning of Barry, Pollux attempts to become him by going to his home and workplace before eventually returning back to the laboratory and finding his creator Jason ready to shoot him to cover up the failed experiment. Instead Pollux catches the bullet and throws it back at the scientist. The flash and Tina show up attempting to convince Pollux they want to help him but he doesn’t believe them and a fight ensues between the two speedsters. The scientist awakens from his gunshot wound and attempts to shoot Barry but Pollux takes the bullet and dies, his metabolism causing his physical body to burn up and disappear.

“Twin Streaks” Flash Points:

Would you believe an actual “Twin Peaks” cast member is in this episode? I was shocked to see Lenny von Dohlen show up, this being the second time we’ve seen a Twin Peaks alum in this series.

There’s also a strong history of The Flash dressing in blue. He was once made a Blue Lantern, fighting with the power of hope. Pollux was made up just for this series, but it is quite refreshing to see a different looking Flash.

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