In episodes 9 and 10 of The Flash 90, we see the return of a 50’s era hero in “Ghost in the Machine”, and StarLabs falls under attack in “Sight Unseen”. Join Cory and Tom to find out how bad-ass Nightshade really is and shed some infrared light on clear villain.

Ghost in the Machine:

After twenty-five years in cryogenic sleep, the technological supervillain known as the Ghost has awakened to embrace a modernized world that he has long waited to dominate–a world overrun by the television! With this threat reborn, the man who once roamed Central City’s streets as the masked vigilante Nightshade emerges from retirement to challenge his arch-nemesis once again.

The Ghost quickly reunites with his old gang who are shocked to see him again after all these years and especially so young. They assist him in a burglary at Star Labs in order to obtain heavy duty broadcasting equipment and computers, to which the ghost hooks himself up to, effectively allowing him to cause chaos city wide, eventually taking over complete control due to the integration of technology in its vital systems.

The Nightshade manages to find the Ghost’s hideout and together with the Flash, the two costumed crime fighters head in to stop him. While the Ghost gets the upper hand on the Flash in a virtual reality showdown, Tina manages to rig an old device of the Nightshade to work with modern technology, shutting the villain off from the network and enabling the heroes to prevail.

“Ghost in the Machine” Flash Points:

There is a character in DC called Nightshade but this isn’t that character. In the comics, Nightshade is a woman and nowhere near what’s going on here. There is, however, a hero called The Sandman who wore a gas mask and was from the 40’s. We feel this is a heavy inspiration for this character.

The Ghost is also an original creation for the series, and we had a good laugh remembering the actor, Anthony Starke, as Jimmy in Seinfeld (he would speak about himself in the 3rd person). Furthermore, the actor playing Skip, Ian Abercrombie, played Alfred in “Birds of Prey” as well as voiced Emperor Palestine in The Clone Wars Series. You can also see him the raunchy B-Grade comedy Test tube teens from the year 2000.

Sight Unseen:

Star Labs is attacked by an invisible intruder who unleashes Project Pandora, a government-sponsored research project concerned with producing a lethal nerve toxin, and Tina McGee and her short-tempered supervisor are trapped in the ensuing quarantine lockdown, unable to be rescued due to a safety system that will irradiate the inside of the lab if the doors are busted through, killing all living tissue inside.

As a team of government operatives led by a man named Quinn attempt to seize control of the situation, the Flash attempts to find the scientists that made the toxin but both are killed by the Invisible man before they can help. It turns out the vanishing villain is a scientist named Gideon who feels responsible for a batch of the toxin that was exposed to the citizens of Costa Luca, killing them all. Later in an attempt to redeem himself he worked for star labs, eventually creating his invisible technology, but found that certain too secret projects were concerned with developing chemical warfare weapons for the aforementioned Quinn, the same man who was also in charge of the Costa Luca project.

The Flash tries unsuccessfully to convince Gideon to stop his plan to use the toxin to kill all of Central City, hoping to reveal the horrors of chemical warfare to the world and has to take him down by using a quite shocking method. After being infected with the toxin himself, Barry realizes his metabolism is somehow fighting the toxin and is able to develop a cure, save Tina and her boss, and ensure that the corrupt Quinn is removed from his position.

“Sight Unseen” Flash Points:

In this episode, we have a villain with the name Gideon. This is a possible connection to the current series that has an IA developed by Barry in the future named Gideon, which is also present in “Legends of Tomorrow.”

There is also some art on the walls in Gideon’s residence. Looking deeper we found some interesting information about The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun and Mondrian.

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