The Flash begins to escalate the level of bad guy he takes on in episodes 3 and 4. As Always, Cory and Tom are here to discuss the episodes “Watching the Detectives” and “Honor Among Thieves”

Watching the Detectives:

A series of fires has Barry feeling hot under the collar as he tries to find out the cause, all the while being the focus of a private investigator, Megan Lockhart, who is trying to find out who the Flash actually is under the mask.

We learn that the investigator was actually hired by district attorney Castillo, thinking if he had the Flash’s secret identity, he could control him and use his powers for his own gain. Indeed it seems that the DA is involved with a mob boss named Simonson who runs an illegal gambling operation, and who is working not only to help Castillo get reelected but also working to lower property values with the fires so that the area can be bought up cheap and transformed into a legal gambling circuit.

Megan, despite accidentally running into Barry at a club on a blind date when he comes to her rescue, is actually a good investigator and discovers his secret which she turns over to Castillo who promptly uses the information, blackmailing Barry into ruining one of Simonson’s illegal casinos, beating their games and allowing everyone in the place to win. Castillo uses this as an opportunity to press for more power with Simonson attempting to make him pressure a corrupt senator into pushing the legal gambling bill up for voting early. Using a contact of his brothers, Barry manages to track down the man setting the fires, an arsonist named Spanier who reveals to him the Simonson connection.

Meanwhile, Barry has confronted Megan and made her see how her actions have major consequences that she needs to consider. She uses her skills to get condemning dirt on Castillo and Simonson but is captured by their goons and about to be executed when the Flash comes to the rescue and saves her. Castillo tries to escape but because he tried to push the mob he finds himself on the receiving end of a car bomb and is killed. Later, Barry and Megan share a short kiss and quick flirtation as she rides off into the sunset leaving Barry wanting for more.

“Watching the Detectives” Flash Points:

We noticed Tina’s reference to Doctor Carter Hall and Howard Chaykin. Did you spot any others?

Honor Among Thieves:

In order to drum up business for a down on its luck Central City museum, the curator and one time professor to Barry Allen, Ted Preminger, arranges to have the valuable Death Mask Of Rasputin as an exhibit, aided as well by a second former student Celia Wayne. Unfortunately the mask has attracted the attention of several major thieves who have banned together to try and steal the mask. The thieves first steal a number of items from Star Labs that could be used to cut the gems from the mask and while The Flash has the upper hand initially, they all eventually get away save for the driver of the getaway car.

Eventually we learn that Barry considers Preminger an important father figure, and how much both he and Preminger have been hurting since they unamicably parted ways. The two resolve their differences and restore their friendship as the thieves begin hitting spots all over the town, causing the police force to be spread thin and leaving the museum ripe for the picking. Celia, who turns out to be working with the thieves the whole time, sneaks the leader the leader, Kovacs, into the museum in disguise to steal the mask. The Flash shows up stop them but ultimately stops Celia from escaping in his civilian identity along with help from Preminger. Later, Tina and Barry reflect on his tabloid status and nickname of the flash, calling it sexy.

“Honor Among Thieves” Flashpoints:

“4th and Garrick” could be a reference to Showcase 4, the first appearance of Barry Allen. What do you think?

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