Hello, Freqs!  This week on Radio Static, we discuss the Frequency Season 1 Episode 9,  Gray Line, which originally aired on December 7, 2016.  Raimy and Frank Sullivan uncover new clues about the Nightingale and believe they have found their man – Deacon Joe Hurley!  

But is Deacon Joe (played by Kenneth Mitchell) really the Nighingale?  

We opened Nighingale storyline of this episode with 2016 Meghan Womack (played by Beth Lacke) rs-s1e9-meghan-womack-picfinally speaking with Raimy Sullivan.  But before Meghan could provide any relevant information, she vanished, apparently taken or “captured” by someone as she spoke on the phone.  Meanwhile, Raimy learned that Deacon Joe was actually Meghan’s stepfather, and that she had tried to kill him in the past.  

In 1996, Frank Sullivan found a younger Meghan (played by Britt McKillip) who provided him with some very useful information.  Deacon Joe beat his wife, stepdaughter, and Meghan’s brother, Robbie.  Her “au natural” walk through the camp, in 1992, had been a cry for help, to show others what a vicious man Deacon Joe actually was.  She tells Frank that she believes Joe killed both her mother and her brother between 1992 and 1996.  This Meghan seems to be a bit nervous, but doesn’t seem to be the terribly troubled woman we see in 2016.  Is it possible that Frank’s visit caused her to begin searching for her family again, and possibly causing her the angst and emotional disturbance that we see in her now?

In spite of Satch Rayna’s warnings (played by Mekhi Pfeifer), rs-s1e9-satch-rayna-picRaimy goes to Deacon Joe’s home, where she finds him breaking down a wall in his home.  He attacks her, she shoots him in the arm, and he escapes.  But in the wall is the corpse of Meghan’s mother, dead for over 20 years.  Satch chews out Raimy for her strong-headed impetuousness – none of the things they have found at Deacon Joe’s home, including the corpse, can be used as evidence against him since she didn’t have a search warrant.  Like father, like daughter.  

In 1996, Frank has problems of his own.  Miracella Corrado (played by Alyssa Diaz) tells Frank she and her family are being harassed and attacked by Stan Moreno and his henchmen.  She tells Frank to record Stan’s conversation during one of his illegal operation meetings, and turn it over to trusted police authorities.  Satch tries to talk Frank out of it, to no avail.  Stan turns the tables on Frank, and Frank knows that Satch “sold him out.”  Can this friendship, this partnership, be repaired?  What future ramifications does this hold for Frank and Raimy?  Was Miracella really working for Stan as an up-and-coming drug dealer on his payroll, a woman scorned by Frank seeking revenge, or was she really being straight with Frank?  

After both Miracella’s and Satch’s betrayals, rs-s1e9-frank-and-julie-picFrank runs straight to Julie – the only person he believes he can trust.  As he tearfully tells her how wrong he has been, and how he has neglected her, the woman who has always been by his side and believed in him, their emotion turns to passion.  Will this simply be one night between two former lovers, or the beginning of mending their marriage?

In the present, Raimy’s love life remains complicated.  After a passionate night with Daniel, she returns to his loft that evening and brings him all his favorite foods – since she knows what he likes!  They are interrupted by a phone call from his girlfriend, Claire (played by Tatyana Forrest), and Daniel kicks Raimy out of his apartment.  But Claire isn’t just Daniel’s girlfriend, she’s wearing the engagement ring that Raimy was supposed to get in the first episode!  Claire is Daniel’s fiancee!   Daniel goes to Raimy’s home later to apologize, and she takes him back, but we just saw a new side to this man.  Is he still a fallen knight in shining armor, a cad, or something worse?

Our one steady player was Gordo Haas.  His light humor, when he “busted” Raimy for sleeping with Daniel, was to ask if he could date Kyle Moseby with whom he “bromance” bonded over video games – just for sex, of course.  #Gorky, we love you both!

What is Gray Line that is referred to in this week’s episode title?  The Gray Line (also referred to as the terminator or twilight zone) is a band around the earth when night is turning to to day and day is turning to night, splitting daylight from darkness (daybreak and twilight).  Special ionospheric propagation conditions often exist between two or more stations simultaneously located on the gray-line transition between daylight and darkness.  Because two gray-line stripes move constantly around the earth, the propagational alterations are brief though — usually only about 30 minutes to an hour or so in length.  The Ham radio propagation during this fortuitous event exceeds normal expectations. The phenomena is a short lived one. This is your window of opportunity!  You can speak with someone in the gray line on the opposite side of the world!  So when you establish a contact, get the QSL info fast!  

So where was our It seems gray line  – brief moments when unusual contact can be made – in this episode?  It was evident in a few places!  Meghan – Raimy moved fast, but not fast enough, and Meghan disappeared from Raimy’s “gray line.”  Raimy and Daniel had their relationship moment, but will it prove to be brief and Daniel will not break off his engagement?  And will that also happen to Frank and Julie?  Was their moment only driven by emotion and be viewed by Julie as “stupid?”

Example of Ham Radio Gray Line Propagation on YouTube:

Link to Victor Amateur Radio Association – W2VM – Working the Gray Line

Link to the Dx Adventure Radio Club – Delta-Alfa – Working the Grey Line

Frank finally agrees with Raimy that he must kill Deacon Joe to save Julie.  But can Frank become a premeditated, cold-blooded killer?  At the end of the episode, we were left wondering – where is Meghan?

Tune in next week to find out, Freqs!

January 4, 2017 – Season 1 Episode 10 


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