Hello, Freqs!  This week on Radio Static, we discuss the Frequency Season 1 Episode 8,  Interference, which originally aired on November 30, 2016.  Raimy and Frank Sullivan discover new information about Larissa Abbott, the Nightingale’s first victim, and both Raimy and Frank take steps toward rebuilding important relationships.  

Wow!  We got it all in this epi!  Humor, love, mystery, and our story moves ever closer to the date that Julie is to be taken by the Nightingale!  

Humor?  Gordo Haas is back (played by Lenny Jacobson), and he and Kyle Moseby (aka “Detective Hot Stuff” played by Rob Mayes) are “bromancing” on “Sunday Funday” at Raimy Sullivan’s home over pizza, good beer, and video games.  We’re “shipping” them as “Gorky,” Freqs!  Gordo declares he is the “non-sexual life partner” to both parties.  How will he choose?!!?

Fortunately, the “bro bonding” is enough of a distraction (or interference, if you will) for Raimy to slip out when a “non-sober” Daniel Lawrence (played by Daniel Bonjour) appears at her door, saying he can’t get her out of his mind.  rs-s1e8-raimy-and-danielWas that enough to make you swoon?  If not, Daniel did his own “swooning” after Raimy drove him home, and he promptly became ill due to overconsumption of alcohol.   As Raimy plays nurse (surely learned from her mother in her “original” timeline), she finds an engagement ring hidden in Daniel’s toiletry kit that is clearly meant for someone else.  But all is not lost, Freqs!  At the end of the epi, Daniel returns again to Raimy’s doorstep and while he is at a loss for words, she goes into action by launching herself into his arms for a passionate kiss.  

Poor Kyle only gets carry out food and a bunch of files, leads from the Nightingale Tip Line, to go through as his consolation gift from Raimy.  

For the lovelorn Julie and Frank fans, we finally have open, honest dialogue between the two, which 2016 Raimy has been nagging Frank to do since he opened up with her about his marriage and work mistakes.  It doesn’t begin well when young Raimy (played beautifully by Ada Breker) sees Mommy not kissing Santa Claus, but Coach Ted Cardenas instead (played by Nicholas Gonzalez).  Young Raimy acts out by refusing to do her tasks at home and cutting up her prized softball glove, but she also creates a paper fortune game listing the things she wants to do to get her mom and dad back together.  Ouch – the child is in pain.   What was interesting was watching the Butterfly Effect kick in again, as 2016 Raimy remembered her 1996 self watch mommy and Coach Ted kiss.  What is it that triggers these memories?  Is it as Karl said to Raimy, that time is parallel?  There is so much more to this time conundrum that we need to learn!

Riley Smith and Delvin Kelly again gave poignant, emotional performances that made you want to hug them through the television.  You could feel the pain, the love, the emotion.  After first yelling at Julie about kissing Coach Ted in front of Raimy, Frank returns later to continue the discussion, but finding Raimy’s paper fortune gives him pause.  He returns to Julie telling her she is a wonderful mother, and then opens up about his failures to her, Raimy, his job, and himself.  They both acknowledge that they would have married each other again, but has the honesty come too late for their marriage?

And the mystery that propelled us further into the Nightingale Killer saga!  rs-s1e8-satch-and-raimy-picSatch Rayna and Raimy worked on the tips they received and learned that for two weeks each year, a program for troubled youth was held at the Mountain Hideaway Camp.  This program, Abigail’s Angels, was run by Deacon Joe (played by Kenneth Mitchell), who provided contact names to our detectives.  Through this, they met Vincent Davis (played by Mike Kovac), who told them about a young woman nicknamed Scarlet St. Meghan (young Meghan played by Britt McPillip), who walked through the camp bleeding, and “au natural.”  She had been befriended by Larissa Abbott (played by Anja Savcic), the Nightingale’s first victim.  

Meanwhile, Raimy shares this information with Frank, who searches in his own timeline for clues about Larissa.  He talks to her old boyfriend, Mateo Rivera, then again meets with Larissa’s brother, Jesse (played by Joshua Hinkson).  He finds Larissa’s diary and the nude pictures about which Mateo had seen, but not taken.  

Meanwhile, we learn that the aforementioned Meghan is in an institution due to her suicide attempts and “wild stories.”  Urs-s1e8-deacon-joe-picsing playing cards, she notes the Nightingale Tip Hotline phone number and calls it after creating a diversion by pulling the fire alarm. She is only able to leave her name before the orderlies stop her.  Her doctor tells her she has a guest, and her fear is palpable – it is Deacon Joe.
Is Deacon Joe a good man helping children, a child molester taking pornographic pictures of young women, or is he the Nightingale?  Is he interfering with Meghan’s life or the police investigation?

What is Interference in relation to ham radio operation, as found in the title of our episode?  Interference is simply “noise” that disrupts your transmission.  

As our lives become filled with technology, the likelihood of electronic interference increases.  Sooner or later, nearly every active Amateur Radio operator will have a problem with interference.  This could involve interference to a neighbor’s equipment, or, more likely, some form of interference to Amateur Radio from the noisy devices that can sometimes even be found in our own homes.  The good news is that most cases of interference can be cured!  The proper use of “diplomacy” skills to communicate with a neighbor and standard technical cures will usually solve the problem.  In any event, what you really want to do is to figure out WHERE the noise source is, something you will need to do no matter what it is. It is possible to get tricked, because on your neighborhood walk you will hear devices from each house, so at least be sure that the noises you hear do in some way resemble the noise you hear at your house.  Do you approach a stranger, or just live with the noise? There is one key, though, and that is under FCC rules, it is the responsibility of the operator of noisy devices to not cause harmful interference, so if this is a neighbor’s equipment, it’s his or her obligation to fix it.  

So where was our interference in this episode and where will we find the noise?  Certainly sifting through all the Nightingale leads on the tip line is a big source of interference.  Are Gordo and Kyle “interference” in Raimy’s ultimate relationship with Daniel?  And all the outside forces – especially Coach Ted – could be “interfering” with Julie and Frank reuniting.

Link to Radio Frequency Interference

LInk to Radio Frequency Interference – What is it?

What will Meghan tell Raimy about the Nightingale or about Deacon Joe?  Is Deacon Joe the Nightingale?

Tune in next week to find out, Freqs!

December 7, 2016 – Winter Finale – Season 1 Episode 9 – “Gray Line”


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