Hello, Freqs!  This week on Radio Static, we discuss the Frequency Season 1 Episode 7,  Break, Break, Break, which originally aired on November 16, 2016.  Satch Rayna’s 20 years pursuing the Nightingale take its toll, until he and Raimy Sullivan catch a break.  

This week took us into the life of Satch Rayna, who has been a friend and supporter to both Frank and Raimy Sullivan.  He has been pursuing the Nightingale for more than 20 years and putting the job first has cost him what he held most dear – his family.  

In 1996, Satch is ecstatic at the rescue of Amanda Baldwin from the Nightingale Killer.  He is also on the “short list” to make sergeant on the police force, and his has a beautiful, supportive wife and two great children.  Twenty years later, in 2016, Amanda has been killed and a defeated appearing Satch returns to his empty home, having submitted his retirement papers to the police Pension Board.  He feels as if he has failed – with his family, with his job, with his friends.  

Once again, the Frequency writers and production crew compare and contrast the parallels in the life of this man, not only through time, but also in the sets themselves.  In the scene from 1996 in which we meet Satch’s family (wife Leah, played by Crystal Balint, son Soloman, played by Julius Fair, and a daughter), the atmosphere is bright and lively, a happy party for happier times.  In 2016, Satch’s home is dark and quiet – a symbol is what he has lost in life.  

Fortunately, Raimy knows about the lead that Frank and Satch followed in 1996, tracking down the truck that the Nightingale used.  frequency-s1e7-satch-and-raimyThey talk to Jesse Abbott (played by Joshua Hinkson), the brother of Larissa Abbott who disappeared in 1992.  This leads them to Mountain Hideaway Camp, where they find evidence that Larissa was the first victim of the Nightingale, reinvigorating Satch.  They also learn that the Nightingale apparently believes he is saving these women.  There are pages of medieval Christian text on the wall, referring to Ars Moriendi, the art of dying – prayers and rituals for a good death – and lots of DNA.  The team has made significant progress, and Satch is now back in this fight.  

In 1996, Frank is fighting his own demons. His “flame” from his undercover period, Miracella Corrado (played by Alyssa Diaz) pays Julie a visit at home, and makes her relationship with Frank clear to Julie.  frequency-s1e7-frank-and-stanJulie confronts Frank, then plays revenge of her own by sleeping with Coach Ted Cardenas (played by Nicholas Gonzalez).  Meanwhile, Frank confronts Stan Moreno (played by Anthony Ruiviar) about both Julie and Miracella, and punches Stan in the elevator.  Frank was in danger from Stan before, and this will no doubt prompt Stan to find ways to remove Frank in the future.  

As we’ve seen each week, father and daughter discuss all these developments via their ham radio, and they poignantly talk about their jobs, what they have lost, and what they could lose in the future.  Their relationship has matured in the past several weeks, and the honest and painful discussions serve to bring them closer together.  What price will they pay long term, as they continue to change their future and their past, via the Butterfly Effect?  

What is does the title of this episode, Break, Break, Break, mean in Ham Radio vernacular?  A single “break” is used to join an on-going QSO, or transmission.  The double “break,” “BREAK, BREAK,” is used when there is urgency or a priority traffic/message that has to be pushed through because of time constraint or because of its importance. This may be used during an ongoing QSO.  THE triple “break,” “BREAK, BREAK, BREAK,” is used for extreme emergencies, or for a “matter of life and death” situation.  When a triple break is heard, all stations must standby and be ready to give assistance.  If you hear an “Emergency” call during your conversation with another station….stop transmitting, listen….and then acknowledge the station calling the emergency and let them have the frequency immediately! Don’t delay them by saying something on the order of “Stand by breaker” and then carry on your conversation with your contact. Seconds wasted doing this may COST a life!  Listen to them carefully and write down the details of their emergency. Then pause for a moment and wait before you go back to him…….many other hams who heard the emergency call may be responding ALL at the same time.  

What does our break, break, break refer to?  Could it be to stop the Nightingale and prevent him from killing more victims, could it be that Stan has killed Miracella, or could it be that the fight between Stan and Frank will lead to future ramifications for Frank through the Butterfly Effect?  What about Julie sleeping with Coach Ted, who could possibly the nightingale?  Time will tell, Freqs!

Link to “When to Use the Breaks” by 4F5AWW@QSL.net

Link to A New Ham’s Guide:  How to Use Amateur (Ham Radio) Repeaters

When Raimy tells Frank about what she and Satch found at Hideaway Mountain Camp will Frank and Satch find the evidence in 1996, leading them to the Nightingale, allowing the Butterfly Effect to change the future once again?

Tune in next week to find out, Freqs!

November 30, 2016 – Season 1 Episode 8 – “Interference”


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