Hello, Freqs!  This week on Radio Static, we discuss the Frequency Season 1 Episode 5,  Seven Three, which originally aired on November 2, 2016.  Raimy investigates a case in 2016 which links back to her first day as a NYPD officer in 2008.  Her two sets of memories from that day, and evidence from Frank in 1996, enable he to solve the case.  

This episode gave us something we have been craving – father and daughter working together face to face!  We watched Frank Sullivan as the Training Officer (TO) for his daughter’s first day on the job in 2008, which is a NYPD tradition.  This second memory for Raimy Sullivan was due to the Butterfly Effect, the change after Frank was saved by Raimy in 1996.  In her original timeline, Frank was dead, and Raimy spent her first day with Stan Moreno, whom she learned was a less than honorable police officer.  

rs-s1e5-raimy-and-satch-picUnfortunately, Seven Three also showed us that Satch Rayna, friend of Frank and mentor to Raimy, knows that Stan is a corrupt police officer, and our question is:  How deeply is he involved?  

The story revolves around the murder of Benny Arcaro (played by Rowland Pidlubny) , who killed the daughter of Nicky Vitale (played by Tony Colitti).  Arcaro is killed in Raimy’s original 2008 timeline on her first day on the job, and is killed upon his release from prison in 2016 after having been arrested by Raimy and Frank in the Butterfly Effect impacted 2008 timeline. Ultimately, Nicky is shown to be affiliated with Stan and a heroin operation, and in the 2016 timeline he is turned in by his wife, Vera Vitale (played by Julia Benson).

The parallels and contrasts between the timelines continue to showcase the spectacular talents of the Frequency writers.  We watched Stan offer very little advice to Raimy during her first day, and he didn’t seem to care that she saw him delivering drugs from the murder scene to Nicky.  He told her what a “good cop” was – one that was feared, respected, knows when to keep her eyes open and her mouth shut, and no matter what, she doesn’t turn on her people.  rs-s1e5-raimy-and-stan-moreno-picDid Raimy, in the original timeline, turn her eyes away from the corruption that was in the office, did she think that all cops (other than Satch) were “dirty” like Stan and her father?  Is that what Satch did?  In the new timeline, Frank coaches his daughter but doesn’t tell her how to do her job – he trusts her.  He does give her advice when she asks.  We are left wondering about 2008 Frank – he must have memories from 1996 and his ham radio talks with Raimy.  Is he giving her very little information because he knows that the Butterfly Effect can occur again, and he is trying to prevent additional changes to her timeline – trying to prevent any more pain than he knows she will have?  His cautious responses to some of her questions seem to indicate that he knows what is coming for her, which is a reversal of what we have seen to date – 2016 Raimy knows the future and he does not.  

This also begs the question – what triggers the two sets of memories in Raimy?  Why have they all not come rushing to the surface of her brain?  It will be interesting to see how the writers give us pieces of this supernatural mystery.  

In the second storyline of the episode, Frank and Julie struggle with their separation, and Frank becomes jealous of former Marine Corporal (and now softball coach and EMT) Ted Cardenas.  He bursts into the house and confronts them, and Julie tells Frank to get out – that they are simply studying.  Julie visits Frank later and tells him that although she loves him, they are through and that she can’t allow his “darkness” to impact Raimy.

What does the title, Seven Three refer to in the ham radio world?  This is from dap.com, “Seven Three, and other Ham Radio Abbreviations, where they came from & how to properly use and pronounce them.”  Many standard abbreviations arose in the early days of telegraphy, which was used almost exclusively before voice communication became practical.    The two numeric abbreviations that are still in most common use (73 and 88) originated naturally and were formalized for the first time in the “92 Code”, a list of 92 numeric abbreviations defined by Western Union in 1857.  Many of these codes stuck even when radio communication switched mainly to voice.  Seven Three (73) and Eight Eight (88) are used in amateur radio to sign off a QSO (a contact, what computer geeks would now call a session).  Seven Three means best regards, and Eight Eight means love and kisses/hugs.  73 would be used by an OM (old man – any male), and a YL (young lady – not married) or XYL (ex-young lady – married) would use 88 when signing off. Seven Three and Eight Eight should never be be used in the plural form and should always be pronounced as single digits.  You should always say – seven three.

So, which man or men do we believe gave the Seven Three sign off, best regards, in our episode?  Was it Arcaro who was captured and imprisoned in the original timeline, and then executed in the Butterfly Effect timeline?  Was it Stan Moreno who had Arcaro executed and then delivered the heroin to Nicky Vitale?  Was it Nicky Vitale who killed Arcaro in the new timeline?  Was it Stan sending a message to Satch to keep Raimy in line?  So many choices….

Link to “Seven Three and other Ham Radio Abbreviations:”


So, how deep is Satch into Stan’s corrupt operation, and will Frank and Julie reconcile?  Tune in next week to find out, Freqs!

November 9, 2016 – Season 1 Episode 6 – “Deviation”

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