Hello, Freqs! This week on Radio Static, we discuss the Frequency Season 1 Episode 4, Bleed Over, which originally aired on October 26, 2016.  Raimy and Frank continue their quest to save Julie when they speak with Eva Salinas, whose mother was abducted by the Nightingale Killer in 1996.  

Last week, Frank and Raimy learned that Thomas Goff wasn’t the Nightingale when he died in 1996, however Julie remained dead in 2016.  rs-s1e4-frank-and-satch-picWe wondered how Frank would convince Satch that the Nightingale really wasn’t dead, as Satch has no reason to believe that it wasn’t Goff.  This week, Frank found a “missing person” file from July, 1996, for Carmen Salinas.  Her daughter, Eva, was apparently abducted and then found in the street, unable to provide any clues to the police.  Satch gave Frank the okay to check out the case, and to “tie up loose ends.”  We once again see the trust that Satch has for Frank – the same trust and care that he has for Raimy.  

Young Eva (played by Niki Garcia) and her father, Marco (played by Juan Javier Cardenas) were ultimately able to provide two key new clues for Frank and Raimy, that were not present in either timeline previously.  Raimy was able to discover from an older Eva (played by Jessica Camacho) that the Nightingale stalked his victims months in advance, that he drove a blue truck with a white top, and that she had caught a glimpse of him as a child.  Raimy passed this information to Frank, and he was able to convince Marco and young Eva to provide a sketch of the killer to the 1996 police.  

At the same time, Frank realized he had seen that same truck near Julie, and saw it near her at the park.  In a foolish mistake that was likely driven by emotion rather than common sense, he approached the truck with his gun drawn and the driver escaped.  In the closing moments, we saw the Nightingale burning his truck.

How will these two events create a new Butterfly Effect that could impact the future?  There is a picture of the Nightingale that no one has ever had before – will someone recognize him?  Will this save future victims?  And the truck?  This was part of the Nighingale’s MO.  Will this prevent him from attacking his next victim in 9 days, per Raimy’s information in the present?  

But there is also a third event.  Frank, who would have been dead in the original timeline, gave young Raimy (played again to amazing perfection by Ada Breker) a knife.  Is this our Chekov’s Gun?  Will it be used by 1996 or 2016 Raimy – or perhaps both.  The Butterfly Effect will be at work again!  

What is does the episode title, bleed over, reference?  The ABC’s of Bleed Over tells us that interference from “strong local stations” on other channels can cause bleed over, also known as “splash” or “splatter.”  Strong stations can interfere with your ability to receive weaker stations on your desired channel.  Bleed over is often the fault of the receiver.  And what did Frank and Raimy get?  They got “interference” from Eva, who craved attention, interfering with their desire to find the Nighingale.  Eva was the bleed over.  

Link to “The ABC’s of Bleed Over:”


We saw more of Gordo this week, and finally saw the strong relationship between him and Raimy, best friends since childhood.  He has no problem (drunk or sober!) calling her out on the new behaviors she is displaying, and he even signs her up for an online dating service!  As he walked in on Raimy while she was talking to Frank on the ham radio, one must wonder when he will learn about the secret she is keeping.  He was especially intrigued to discover that his best bud had a short, forgotten affair with Detective Kyle Mosbey (played by Rob Mayes), and learn about her feelings about cheating on a man (Daniel) who didn’t even know her!  Gordo is clearly our comic relief, and truly the guy next door.  It was interesting to watch Raimy’s memories of her “new” timeline come back when she “met” Kyle, and consider how these new memories could impact her in the future – will there be more awkward situations, or will Raimy be in danger from something that comes bubbling to the surface just a moment too late?   

Again this episode, we saw the poignant moments between father and daugher, as they begin to learn more about each other, work with each other, and trust each other.  Raimy confided to Frank about Daniel, and he gained a greater sense of all she has lost.  Frank advised her not to put her life on hold, as did Satch, after seeing how Eva had done exactly that when her mother was taken.  These three men, Frank, Gordo, and Satch, are in a position to help ground Raimy as she struggles through her new timeline – and they can give her hope.  

But – what will happen with that knife!!!!!!

Tune in next week to find out, Freqs!

November 2, 2016 – Season 1 Episode 5 – “Seven Three”

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