Hello, Freqs!  This week on Radio Static, we discuss the Frequency Season 1 Episode 13,  Signal Loss, which originally aired on January 25, 2017.   Frank and Raimy Sullivan save Julie, but the Nightingale escapes.  

Wow, what an ending!  We don’t know if Frequency will be back for Season 2 (#RenewFrequency!), but if it doesn’t, we got a fairly satisfying story ending which tied up a number of major points.

Raimy Sullivan has her life back – her mother, Julie( Devin Kelley), has returned and Raimy is engaged to Daniel Lawrence (played by Daniel Bonjour).  However, she tells her father, Frank, that something still doesn’t seem right, as he counsels her to enjoy her life.  Raimy discovers that Robbie Womack (played with effective creepiness by David Lipper in the 2016 timeline, and Patrick Stafford in 1996) is alive and that he lied to her in one of her previous timeline memories, prompting both her and Frank to visit Robbie in their respective times.  These visits may have pushed Robbie over the edge, making him believe that he needed to begin killing, or in his mind, “saving,” women again.  Is this fate intervening, it will happen because it is supposed to happen, or is this free will?  The age old debate rages on……

Meanwhile, Frank spends time reconnecting with his family, and he and Satch Reyna (Mekhi Phifer) reestablish their bond.  It was touching to watch the two families bonding during their time together in the cabin, with all the children.  Satch apologized to Frank for not supporting him, and Frank indicated that they had both done things they should not have done.  Healing will come to this relationship, and it should strengthen over time, with trust.  It was nice to see Satch’s family, his wife, Leah (Crystal Balint) and two children, Solomon (Julius Fair), and Jo (Avionne Dean).  

Frank and Stan Moreno (Anthony Ruivivar) appear to bury the hatchet, but then Stan is shot by Frank’s old girlfriend, Miracella Corrado (Alyssa Diaz).  RS S1E13 - Miracella picStan believes that he and Frank know how to “take care of” the real bad guys, since he has evidence showing that Frank had kidnapped Deacon Joe Hurley (Kenneth Mitchell) and put Joe in the trunk of his car before Frank’s automobile accident.  Surprisingly, Stan gives this evidence to Frank and gives him a pass.  Stan will probably survive the shooting, but will either blame Frank, or will want Frank to help him “deal with” Miracella, should we get a second season.  

Raimy knows Robbie is on the move again when Julie’s story about patient Meghan literally changes in front of her as she talks to her mother, thanks to the Butterfly Effect.  RS S1E13 - Raimy picPeyton List gave a remarkable performance, her character’s face displaying shock as Julie said she didn’t have a patient named Meghan.  Poor Meghan (Beth Lacke) never got a break in any timeline, as she was intimidated by her stepfather, institutionalized, and made emotionally unstable in her adult life.  In a separate timeline, she had cancer as an adult and was going to die.  As younger Meghan (Britt McKillip), she was finally killed by her own brother.  Talk about bad luck!

Robbie really wasn’t much better.  He had a crazy stepfather in Deacon Joe, he was abused and learned to “save” women by killing them but he tried to move on with his own family (Jennifer Kitchen as Nina Womack, the wife of Robbie and Zachary Gulka as Josh Womack, their son).  It appears he lost this after the last time change.  The Nightingale, a serial killer, alone and back out on the street with no one to help ground him.

Robbie takes Julie in 1996, destroying the ham radio and shooting  Gordon Haas, Sr. (Chris McKenna) in front of his young son, Gordo (Ty Consiglio) and young Raimy (Ada Breker), as a horrified adult Raimy listens.  Is this why Gordo (Lenny Jacobson) is an attorney in the latest 2016 timeline?  Was he honoring his father who may have died in 1996, by following in his footsteps?  He seems to have lost some of his easiness with life – has become more work focused.  He needs a bromance with Kyle Mosbey, aka Detective Hot Stuff.  Bring back Gorky!

Frank tries to stop Robbie as Robbie drags Julie to his truck, but is shot.  Satch arrives in the nick of time, smashing into the Nightingale’s car.  Robbie escapes, as the Sullivans are reunited.  

Fearfully, 2016 Raimy walks to her dark home, then hears the sounds and realizes that her mom is still there, Daniel is still there, and she finally smiles…..

Outside her home, a man and his dog walk slowly, and the man stops to stare at the house — it is the now adult, Robbie Womack…..the Nightingale.

What do we want to see in a Season Two?  We certain want to explore this “dark side” that Raimy has been displaying for several weeks.  RS S1E13 - Raimy and Daniel picShe killed Deacon Joe in one timeline, almost killed Thomas Goff before he disappeared, and threatened to kill Robbie Womack if he hurt her mother.  This could consume her and destroy her relationship with her family.  Daniel was already concerned because Raimy was talking to “a man” on the ham radio, and she won’t tell him anything about it.  The issue of “trust” may become a hard one, especially with Robbie Womack still on the loose and apparently coming after her.  For now she seems happy, but she has all the memories that no one else has.

We also want to know how and why Frank and Raimy could connect via the ham radio, and what caused this.  Why does no one else have memories from all the Butterfly Effect time changes?

Stan and Frank will have conflicts, and we want to see how those play out.  Did Stan cause Frank’s car accident?  Can Frank be saved a second time, and get yet one more chance?

And finally, we want to know what will happen with Robbie.  He is still a threat to the Sullivans.

We would be remiss if we didn’t give a huge “shout out” to the incredible cast, especially the work done by Riley Smith and Peyton List.  If we don’t get them back, it would be wonderful to see them work together again.  Great chemistry and acting!

The original title of this episode was Signal Kiss, but that was apparently changed just before the episode aired to Signal Loss, so your Radio Static team checked the meaning of both titles!  

What Signal Kiss?  There are two possible meanings.  The first is “Keep it Simple Stupid,” which is the protocol for communicating in amateur radio, standardizing communications. The second meaning is “Love and Kisses” which is used to indicate the end of the story, and is represented by the Q code – 88  (Eight eight), which is the fastest possible way to transmit the message of love through your ham radio transmission.   

Link to Wikipedia KISS (TNC)

Link to The Atlantic article, 88, Or How Telegraphers Coded “Love and Kisses”

What is Signal Loss (Path Loss)?  Radio signal path loss is a particularly important element in the design of any radio communications system or wireless system. The radio signal path loss will determine many elements of the radio communications system in particular the transmitter power, and the antennas, especially their gain, height and general location. The radio path loss will also affect other elements such as the required receiver sensitivity, the form of transmission used and several other factors.  As a result, it is necessary to understand the reasons for radio path loss, and to be able to determine the levels of the signal loss for a give radio path.  The signal path loss can often be determined mathematically and these calculations are often undertaken when preparing coverage or system design activities. These depend on a knowledge of the signal propagation properties.  Accordingly, path loss calculations are used in many radio and wireless survey tools for determining signal strength at various locations. These wireless survey tools are being increasingly used to help determine what radio signal strengths will be, before installing the equipment. For cellular operators radio coverage surveys are important because the investment in a macrocell base station is high.

Link to Radio Signal Path Loss:  

How does do Signal Kiss and Signal Loss apply to our team?  Frank told Raimy to enjoy what they have, that they had won, and he told her he wasn’t sure he could stop communicating with her, and and she had saved him.  A signal kiss – showing love.  

We also saw the love that Raimy had for Daniel, that Frank and Julie had for each other, and Satch for his family.  

What about signal loss?  There certainly was a loss of signal when the ham radio went crashing to the floor as Robbie tried to stop Raimy’s words, and kidnap Julie.  Will the radio ever work again?  And we hope it doesn’t mean the end of the series!

If we are not fortunate enough to get another season, it has been a great ride, and we are grateful for all of you!  Our own ham radio signal kiss to you!



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