Hello, Freqs!  This week on Radio Static, we discuss the Frequency Season 1 Episode 11,  Negative Copy, which originally aired on January 11, 2017.  Frank and Raimy Sullivan’s actions result in a shocking time change due to the Butterfly Effect.  

We picked up where we left off last week, and Frank Sullivan “comes to” after the accident discovering that Deacon Joe Hurley (Kenneth Mitchell) has escaped in 1996.  Meanwhile, in 2016, Raimy finds herself in trouble for killing the deacon, especially since “honest” Stan Moreno says the investigation must be “by the book.”    

When Frank fails to kill Joe a second time, the Butterfly Effect is significant, as the 2016 scene around Raimy changes dramatically.   RS S1E11 - Raimy and Gordo Sr picAs she steps off the elevator into the room, Gordon Haas Sr (Chris McKenna), her attorney disappears, and the room seems to change subtlety.  This is the greatest time conundrum change that we have seen since the first episode, and we may not have seen all the impacts of it yet.  What we do know is that Frank’s actions probably caused Deacon Joe to move his wife’s (or another woman?) body, which means that Raimy never found it, she never spoke to Meghan Womack (Beth Lacke), Joe may not have killed her, and Raimy didn’t kill Joe.  RS S1E11 - Raimy with gun picThat is when Raimy and Frank realize Meghan could still be alive but now in danger due to Raimy’s outburst in the detective office.   She drew her gun on Joe, convinced Satch Rayna to search Joe’s house for a body – which of course, wasn’t there, and Joe was free to leave.   This may have had very negative consequences for Frank and Raimy – and perhaps for those around them – those they love and are trying to protect. 

That led us to a development which many on social media have been expecting – Meghan’s brother is alive.  As Raimy rushed back to the cabin, she was followed closely by a truck which left ahead of her when she stopped at a local diner.  At the cabin, we see that Joe is clipping rosary beads, telling Meghan that she has messed up again and that she is spreading lies about him.  He tells her that he did not kill her brother, and she doesn’t believe him.  We have been wondering whether Joe is a serial killer.  He is a wife and child beater and abuser, he’s stolen funds from his church, and he did shoot Meghan in the timeline we just left behind, but is he the Nightingale?  Raimy arrives at the cabin and hears screams.  As she rushes into the woods, we see the truck hidden in the bushes and Meghan is on the ground holding an injured man who she says is her brother.  He appears to have been punched in the mouth, and is bleeding.  There is no sign of Deacon Joe.

Julie and Frank bind closer together in this episode, first when she covers for him after his car accident (her cousin is fixing it and had an extra Crown Vic that could be stored in their garage), and second when she talks to him of all he could lose if he kills the Nightingale in cold blood.  She wants Frank to find another way, and come home.  We know Frank doesn’t want to kill in cold blood, doesn’t want to lose his wife and child again, and he wants to live since fate has given him a second chance.  RS S1E11 - Frank and Julie picSo he doesn’t kill the Deacon.  He instead takes the stolen money and plants it in Joe’s home, then anonymously calls the police.  He thinks he has solved the issue, but what if this causes Joe to go to jail, and the killings don’t stop?  Would that mean they have changed time again, and Joe isn’t the Nightingale?  What if it resets time all the way to Amanda Baldwin?  Then Raimy would not reestablish her relationship with Daniel Lawrence (Daniel Bonjour), and none of the evidence from the camp would ever be found.  This could really change time significantly once again.  Are we seeing the clash of free will (Frank) and fate (Raimy)?  And Julie?  She thinks all of this has to do with Frank’s conversations on the ham radio.  Will she try to use it or worse, break it?

Satch Rayna (Mekhi Phifer) reveals the reason he is in debt to Stan Moreno (Anthony Ruivivar), due to an incident when Satch was a rookie on the job.  He killed a man in what was probably self defense, but doubted himself and allowed Stan to handle it.  It was another nice look into Satch as we know he is a person who genuinely cares for both Frank and Raimy, but has made a mistake that has haunted him for almost 30 years.  

And how did Kyle Mosbey (aka Detective Hot Stuff, played by Rob Mayes) get out of the hospital and answer Raimy’s call about the license plate on the truck, with no apparent bandages, bruises, or anything else?  Continuity error or time conundrum?  

What is Negative Copy?  This is amateur radio jargon, and it means “unsuccessful transmission.”  

How did a negative copy, an unsuccessful transmission, apply to our team?  Frank didn’t kill Deacon Joe, which didn’t change Raimy’s timeline, and then the deacon may have eluded Raimy at the end of the episode.  She wasn’t successful in catching him.  

Link to AC6V’s Amateur Radio Glossary, Jargon, Abbreviations and Terminology

Did Meghan’s brother reappear because time has changed again?  Who IS the Nightingale?

Tune in next week to find out, Freqs!

January 18, 2017 – Season 1 Episode 12 – “Harmonica”


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