The Author has gone rogue! He was tasked with witnessing and recording the stories around him. Instead he chose to manipulate the story lines of the inhabitants of The Enchanted Forest.

What If Regina had found it in her heart to forgive Snow? Snow was too young to be responsible for keeping the secret of Daniel. Had Regina chose the path of forgiveness would her heart have healed? Would the peace in her heart given her the strength to enter the tavern and meet Robin Hood? Would the curse have been cast at all?

Rumple was also behind the curse. He wanted to get to The Land Without Magic to find his son. However, if Rumple had not chosen power over his son, Bay would have never left. There would have been no need for Rumple to seek The Land Without Magic.

If the curse was never cast Snow and Charming would have gotten to raise Emma. Where would that leave Henry’s fate? Is it possible that Emma would have met Bay in The Enchanted Forest and fallen in love? Regina would not be Henry’s mother. Her family may be one that she started with Robin Hood. Did the Author decide these stories were boring? Did he want curses, death, abandonment and heartbreak?

What about Maleficent? Were Snow and Charming manipulated by the Author? Emma has the potential for good and evil.  That is what Maleficent said. That is true of us all. What if Snow had not let that statement fill her with fear.  If Maleficent were left alone to raise her child would she even be a villain now? Maybe motherhood would have changed her.

Snow and Charming asked The Apprentice to perform a spell to ensure Emma’s goodness. Can a soul be magically manipulated? I am just not sure. Fate or The Rogue Author caused them to have to abandon Emma. Now they have deceived her. This has definitely left scars on her heart. Emma like everyone has good and bad inside her. She also has boundless strength and perseverance. Emma is the product of true love and the mother of the boy who is The Truest Believer. I don’t believe she will ever truly go dark.

Once Upon A Time returns on Sunday April 12th at 8/7c . Do you have thoughts and theories? Share them on Beyond Storybrooke. What will Rumple use to manipulate Regina? Is it Henry? She would do anything for her son. Is it Robin Hood? After all he is what her heart desires. Did the Author’s meddling cause more damage than the villains ever could? One thing’s for sure this author must be stopped. I think August and Henry are  good candidates to record the stories truthfully. Tune in and find out what happens.


What is Mr Gold going to use to manipulate Regina?

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