Welcome to Remaking History, a podcast about the NBC television series “Timeless”. This is a special episode featuring an interview with Malcolm Barrett, who plays Rufus Carlin. The interview was sent to us from the website DenOfGeek.com and friend of the podcast Michael Ahr, who writes the “Timeless” reviews at Den of Geek. Thanks, Michael, for sending this our way!

Questions include:

  • What’s Rufus’ motivation in season 2?
  • How is the Rufus / Connor Mason relationship going to change?
  • What is his favorite depiction of black historical figures, or of his difficulties in various time periods?
  • Conversely, how cool was it to take center stage as Langston Hughes?
  • And what have you appreciated about the relationship issues on Timeless?

So with that, enjoy this interview with Malcolm Barrett.