In this episode of Portable Orchard, we discuss several of the rumors swirling around about the iPad 3 and give our opinions on which ones we hope are true and what we would like to see in Apple’s impending update to the iPad. We also talk about the possibility of getting a new Apple TV and what types of updates it will have.

In our Review Avenue segment we review Notes Plus and Notability. These two note taking apps offer a robust set of features to help take notes, flowcharts and sketches. Are they worth the money?

Our Spotlight On segment focuses on apps you can use to keep your kids entertained when you have an unexpected wait (such as waiting for a table at your favorite restaurant).

Our feedback segment features a great contribution from Christina in California about the high expenses associated with text books that cause the retail price to be expensive and why she thinks this will not allow textbooks to be cheaper via iBooks.

Items mentioned in this podcast:


Notes Plus

Jules Vern’s Return to Mysterious Island
Jules Verne’s Return to Mysterious Island – Deluxe Edition
Pilot Winds
The Monster At the End Of This Book…Starring Grover
Angry Birds
Doodle Buddy
Rapunzel 3D
Preschool Lunchbox
Preschool Adventure
PBS Sprout Player

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