A computer program often ends with “Return 0”, meaning without an error. In this episode titled “Return 0”, while our beloved Machine may not have had such a normal exit, a number of the story threads, and certainly the series, had a satisfying ending. Not all rainbows and unicorns, certainly, but then this series has always asked the hard questions, and those questions usually have hard answers.

And while this series has been an action show surrounded by those questions (and this episode was no exception), the relationships, that have grown very organically and changed quite a bit over the years, become the focus of this finale. Both Darrell and Doug agree; this is one of the best series finales they’ve seen.

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Here’s a screenshot of the tombstone that appears to be John Reese’s, with his real last name partially visible. This shot doesn’t show it as much as was visible, but you could see “TAL…”

Surveillance in the News:
The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat ‘score’

From Spencer Adkins, Google Developing Panic Button To Kill Rogue AI

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