In .EXE, Finch is ready to kill Samaritan, even if it means also killing his own Machine. He and Greer have it out over who’s vision of the place of AIs in this world is better, bringing up front some of the core questions that this series has asked, and whether one or the other is willing to die themselves (or kill their creation) for that vision. Something to think about.

Fusco comes up against his own moral dilemma. If he has the chance to take out a Samaritan operative, thereby saving him and his family, should he? Or will that just make him as bad as them. Something to think about.

And in between crises, Harold and the Machine consider what life would have been like for our heroes had the Machine never been built. Better? Worse? Something to think about.

I have a feeling that after the series finale next week, there will even be more to think about.

Surveillance in the News:
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