In this 3-episode Person Of Interest extravaganza, Darrel and Doug (or Doug and Darrell) talk about all the episodes this week. On top of that, the discussion turns to free will when it comes to saving someone. How far should Team Machine go to protect the potential victims? How much should the team tell Fusco or Elias, even if it risks their lives? And how much free will should Finch give to his Artificial Super Intelligence? We’ve got different opinions among the characters.

In “A More Perfect Union”, the ever-creepy Samari-Kid tells Shaw that if they don’t let Samaritan run their lives, only death awaits. In “QSO”, we see how far the reach of Samaritan has gone. Next time you print something, be watchful. And the number of the week accepts the help of Team Machine, only to exercise his free will and try to get the word out about Samaritan, which works out about how you’d expect. And in “Reassortment”, we have the question; how much freedom and information about yourself are you prepared to give up in order to get security?

A very thought-provoking set of episodes, to say the least.

Surveillance in the News: From listener Andrew Jeeves
NSA and CIA Double Their Warrantless Searches on Americans in Two Years

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