Two episodes again this week, and each let us know what’s been happening to a character we haven’t seen in a while.

In “6,741”, we find out what’s been happening to Shaw while she was captured by the minions of Samaritan. In an attempt to discover the location of the secret Machine lair, she’s fooled into thinking she’s escaped. But her loyalty to her comrades keeps her from revealing this key piece of information.

In “ShotSeeker”, Samaritan gets a new set of ears to go with it’s many eyes. But we hear once again that, while homicides are down, suicides and missing persons cases are up. Is this an attempt by Samaritan to keep these events off the Machine’s radar, since it only looks for murders? And it appears our heros get involved in one of these missing person cases. Will it lead to an understanding of Samaritan’s endgame? And then, at the very end, an old friend shows up. Nice twist.

Surveillance in the News: You may be powerless to stop a drone from hovering over your own yard

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