There were 2 POI episodes this week, and we cover them both.

In “SNAFU”, we get a little facial recognition problem, as the Machine tries to figure out who’s who on the team. Hilarity ensures, but only until our favorite computer thinks the good guys are the bad guys because of all the harm they’ve caused. Finch realizes that the Machine is seeing all their actions all at once, unaware of the time component, how they’ve changed, and the context in which they were done. This brings up some questions to us about good, evil and forgiveness. Is doing bad things in the service of a good outcome always acceptable? Do the ends always justify the means, and how has Team Machine changed it’s methods over time? The Machine takes matters into it’s own … I/O ports by keeping Harold from rebooting it. Not so hilarious anymore, eh?

In “Truth Be Told”, Resse’s CIA past comes back to haunt him, as he comes face to face with the latest number; a man who’s brother Reese killed. Will this blow his cover? And can he truly lead a normal life while the numbers keep on coming? Meanwhile, Root, who once again has a Machine-supplied cover identity, discovers how Samaritan is getting malware into all that hardware. And we see again another difference between how Finch wants to approach defeating Samaritan, and how Root wants to do it. “No risk, no reward, Harry.”

Surveillance in the News: The Crime You Have Not Yet Committed It’s amazing how much the computer in this article sounds like the Machine.

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