Team Machine is trying to get our favorite AI back to the subway station lair before it dies with the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). (OK, a computer running Linux does not do the BSOD; that’s a Windows thing, but work with me here.) While Finch and Reese dodge Samaritan goons on their way back, Root does a little catching up with an old employer / hacker / “electronics recycler”. >wink wink< Out of that little reunion comes a supercomputer that could actually hold the decompressed version of what’s left of The Machine. Will it hold?

Meanwhile, Fusco is being hailed as a hero for taking out Elias after the “accident” from last season’s finale. Fusco knows better; that a sniper took him out as part of “The Correction”, but it’s best he lay low and go with it. Otherwise, Samaritan could target him.

And we announced a contest for this last season. You could win any 1 season (your choice) of “Person of Interest” on DVD or Blu-Ray (your choice) by predicting who will die, and in which episode.

The POI Podcast “Live Another Day” Rules:

  • Listeners predict who will die and in what episode. Deadline for votes is after episode 5 airs.
    Winner is who predicts correctly who dies. (If the show leaves the final disposition of a character unclear, we assume Alive.)
  • If more than one listener predicts the winning combination, the tie is broken by adding up the differences between the episode they died in vs listener’s prediction. Lowest score wins.
    Example: If the prediction is Shaw dies in episode 12, and she dies in episode 13, that’s 1. And if Fusco is predicted to die in episode 13 and he dies in episode 10, that’s 3. Added up, the listener’s total is 4.
  • If there’s still a tie, we’ll figure something out.

Get your predictions in via the feedback page or the Facebook group.

Surveillance in the News: China is building a big data platform for “precrime”

And if you thought that building a supercomputer with Playstation 3s was a bit of fiction, it’s been done. At least twice.

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Send us your feedback, and see if you can Beat The Machine with predictions, and give us your thoughts, theories, and ratings. On the Golden Spiral Media feedback page, let us hear what you think!