Just when you thought you’d have to wait until 2016 to get more Person of Interest Podcast goodness, we’re back! In this special episode of Person of Interest Podcast we have some exclusive content from San Diego Comic Con 2015! We were able to get invited to participate in the press room for Person of Interest at SDCC so our SDCC correspondents, Chip and Sara Mims were happy to accept the invitation.

Chip and Sara give us some great insight on the discussions that took place in the press room, what they learned about the upcoming 12-episode 5th season, and all the other goodies they got to experience at Comic Con! The press room included Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Kevin Chapman, Amy Acker, and Executive producers Jonah Nolan, Greg Plageman, and Denise Thé.

Here’s the entire Person of Interest Panel from San Diego Comic Con 2015.

Here’s the highlight reel shown at the Person of Interest Panel at SDCC 2015.

You can check out Chip and Sara’s podcast about The Americans on FX, Watching the Americans, at www.watchinghteamericans.com, and check out Chip’s craft beer podcast, Tales From the Cask, at www.talesfromthecask.com.

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