In the season 4 finale, “YHWH”, we find out where The Machine has been hiding all this time, but then, so does Samaritan. In a desperate attempt to save itself, it slips into God Mode, and sends Root and Finch on a shopping trip before sending them to the hub of electrical activity in an attempt to save itself (or die trying).

Reese and Fusco get an escape plan courtesy of The Machine as well. (She’s been busy.) But while Fusco is escorting Elias and Dominic to central booking, an escape plan first looks like it’s going to work. But then a Samaritan asset has other plans for the gang leaders.

And in a hail of bullets, we fade to black.  Wow, what a season.

Surveillance in the News: Mother Jones: The Informants

The Guardian: France passes new surveillance law in wake of Charlie Hebdo attack

CNN: Court rules NSA program illegal

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