Trust can save the day and trust can cause destruction. James longs for respect not fear as Guardian, but it was the trust he built as James that saved the day. Lena thrived under the Rhea’s encouragement, but had her trust betrayed at a great cost. Trust us as we break down this episode for you!

Trust Earned:

MOS41 - Trust Earned Trust Betrayed - James the Hero

James is upset, he sees that people are scared of him and don’t trust him.  He compares himself to Batman (without mentioning his name).  He became the Guardian to help out like his dad, Superman and Supergirl do.  But when you save a woman from being mugged and she is more afraid of you than her attachers things are wrong.

Winn calls him out the next day and they begin to discuss it when a female alien starts attacking the outdoor market area.  James helps to clear people out Winn calls for help.  Supergirl appears but the alien disappears.  The DEO discover that the alien is a Phorian. They are telepathic and typically peaceful. They start searching for her and J’onn tells James his skill set is not needed.  The Guardian goes out anyway and finds her house.  There he finds Marcus (Lonnie Chavis) the woman’s son. He is frightened of Guardian but once James removes his mask, trust is build and he goes with James to the DEO.

Alex tries in vain to break through to Marcus with no luck. But he is fixated on James.  James takes Marcus to Catco (as his nephew) and starts to break through.  Marcus and James are so alike they have both lost their fathers who were soldiers. But just before a bigger breakthrough, Marcus unleashes his powers, just like mom, and almost trashes Catco.  Supergirl saves the day. James is dejected and feels hopeless.  J’onn has a heart to heart  saying he only found his purpose as Martian Manhunter after wanted to protect his daughter.  James talks with Marcus and earns his trust.

James, Winn, and Marcus find Marcus’ mom. Winn has a power dampener just in case.  It is not just Marcus’ mom there it is a group of Phorian refugees.  Their eyes start glowing and the dampener will not work on all of them.  James realizes if he can break through to Marcus it will flow through their telepathic link.  James becomes the hero he has always wanted to be without the suit.  He breaks through and the Phorianians are calmed.

Trust Betrayed:

MOS41 - Trust Earned Trust Betrayed - Rhea Lena

Lena has begun working with Rhea they have built a HUGE Stargate like portal.  The issue is the power supply.  Lena has been trying and failing to get it to work.  Rhea play the role of mother surrogate saying don’t think like Lex come at it from your perspective.  Lena finds the solution is not power but balance.  Lena finds the proper balance and Rhea betrays Lena’s trust.  She opens the portal early and in come hundreds of ships.

Supergirl and the DEO have found that what was causing the Phorians to go crazy was a specific energy.  Kara had lunch with Lena and Lena had mentioned working that that energy.  The DEO tracks the energy to the gate.  Supergirl, J’onn and Mon fly there since they know Rhea is involved.  Rhea knocks out Lena, captures J’onn in his mind and knocks Supergirl out of the building.  Mon-El is faced with a choice. He cannot reason with Rhea.  He must let her win or kill her.  He cannot shoot her so she wins.

She has called to the Daxamites in exile.  Hundreds of ships have come through the portal to earth. She welcomes them to New Daxam and has Mon, Lena and herself beamed up.

Closing Thoughts:

We’ve all been discontented with James as Guardian this season. While l liked his plot development in this episode, I feel like it should have happened at the BEGINNING of the season. May be the writers heard our complaints and this is their attempt at course correction. Writers “You have failed this city” with your timing. But I did think it is a return to the character of James we liked in season 1.  I’m glad that Rhea’s betrayal of Lena was not drawn out too much. But I am fearful that the writers are using all the trust issues and mommy issues to push Lena over the edge and I don’t want that!

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