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Love was the motivation for all of the events of this week’s Supergirl.  Love for a father, for a sister, for a lover motivated and moved the Alex storyline along. Spurned loved moved the Lena & Rhea story line. What would you do for love? How far would you go? All of our characters were asked that this week with very different results.

(Quick notes:  Thanks Emilee for letting me tag in for the next two eps while you are out with work. I hope the listeners & readers can appreciate Emilee and I have different hosting & blogging styles. My posts won’t be up to her level, but I’m glad I could help. Also this podcast was a solo podcast and shared your feedback.  This week was different, but hopefully back to normal next week.)

I Did It All For Love:

MOS40 - I Did It All For Love - Trio

When I finished watching this episode I was singing.  I was singing Bryan Adams’ “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” so take a moment to consider the words of the chorus and second verse.

Don’t tell me it’s not worth tryin’ for.
You can’t tell me it’s not worth dyin’ for.
You know it’s true:
Everything I do, I do it for you.

Look into your heart – you will find
There’s nothin’ there to hide.
Take me as I am, take my life.
I would give it all, I would sacrifice.

Now did we not see this walked out by both Kara and Maggie this episode?  Well we need to circle back to that.  Our big bad this week was Rick Malverne (David Hoflin) who went to school with Alex & Kara in Midvale.  Had a hard life with a single abusive mother (yes this episode had a lot to do with mommy issues in the B story line but I digress).  Rick was rescued by his dad Peter Thompson (Gregg Henry). He showed his son love, cared for him and even sent him to college. But Peter was a criminal and he killed several people.  Rick was devastated when his father was sent to prison.  The legal system failed his dad but love pushed Rick beyond the system.

We learn that Rick was at the beach party where young Kara saved the family from the car accident.  He has put two and two together with Kara and Supergirl.  He stalked the Danvers sisters for a year and their friends & lovers.  Even to the point of knowing about the Martin Manhunter’s ability to shape shift and mind reading (big plot hole there because we never found out how he was blocking that mind reading).  He kidnaps Alex and calls Kara with the demand.  Free my father Supergirl or your sister dies.

We had a set up at the beginning of the episode with Maggie & Supergirl butting heads over negotiation and hostage situations. That came back to us here.  Kara wants to punch it out and get answers and Maggie wants to talk things out.  All Kara does is endanger Alex more and Maggie fails as well.  They then flip-flop positions.  Maggie uses Alex’s DEO tech to break Peter out of prison and Supergirl has to stop her.  She reasons with Peter.  If he really loves his son, he won’t let Rick kill Alex.  Peter gives them the location and they speed off and save Alex.

Love is a strength and love can be a weakness.  We see Rick pushed to crime out of love for his dad.  We have Kara blind by love and selfish in it because she doesn’t consider how much Maggie, J’onn and the others love Alex. We have Maggie realize how much she loves Alex and risk her career and ethics to free her.  Alex loves her sister enough to say no “Supergirl is bigger than me.” She loves Maggie and wants to live that out but is willing to prepare Maggie for the worst. In the end, it is the love of Kara, Maggie, J’onn and the team that saves Alex.  Love is bigger than one person and together that love can be a huge strength.

Spurned Love Is A Dangerous Thing:

MOS40 - I Did It All For Love - Lena Rhea

Rhea has presented Lena with a business proposal for the transporter (we saw back in “Supergirl Lives”). She says with her plans and L Corp’s tech they can solve many of the world’s issues. Lena and Rhea bond over drinks, science and family love rejections. Lena opens up about her mother the love loss there.  Rhea talks about Mon (although not naming him) and the horrible woman he is dating as well as her husband’s death.  We here that she blames it all on the woman (Kara). Rhea hands Lena the plans on a USB but Lena is sharp.  She hears Rhea say thank the gods and when looking at the plans sees off earth elements.  She scans Rhea and confirms it.

Rhea later transports in and says she wants to be truthful. She is an alien but the transporter can help her get home and benefit L Corp.  Lena calls Kara for advice but Kara can’t talk.  So when Kara calls back it is too late.  Lena agrees to work with Rhea.  How far will Lena’s spurned love for her mother and Rhea’s loss of Mon’s love take them?  How long can Rhea use that bonding over love loss before Lena sees through it all?

Closing Thoughts:

While there were some hand wavy moments, the Legion of Evil writing Devices didn’t ruin things.

Legion of Evil writing Devices

I’m interested to hear what Montefescu has to say about the writing. I do feel like a lot of this ground has been covered in other media before.  But it felt authentic to the show and characters.  Why? Because it helped build the characters and relationships in the show. It raised the stakes when future plot lines come up. Over all I really enjoy the episode.



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