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“Menagerie” brings us the origin of one of Manchester Black’s Elite, Menagerie. We also get a mid-life crisis for Alex, the son of Ben Lockwood coming into his own generation of stupid, and the first appearance of the hero Dreamer. Oh, and Lena gets into bed with the government, kicking James out of the bed simultaneously. On their way to the airport. To go to France. For the Valentine’s Day weekend. Oof.

We’re going after a James Bond theme this week – stick with me…

Diamonds Are Forever

MOS 78 MenageriePamela Ferrer and her doofus have just robbed a very wealthy couple and are hearing about their escapades on the radio when a meteor comes over their car. Doofus crashes the car and it turns out the meteor is a crashed ship and it seems the snake-like alien feels compelled to symbiosis itself to Pamela. Menagerie is born! When the DEO shows up to investigate the scene they notice that Doofus’ heart has been removed from him. Upon examination at the DEO HQ Alex sees that the heart extraction is very precise. Brainy deduces that the alien is snake-like, which he doesn’t like because, just like Indiana Jones, he is not fond of snakes. A search is started and the DEO is sent to the home of a mistress of the man whose wife has come to J’onn to find him since she thinks he is “missing.” Upon arriving at the home, Alex finds the man and mistress without the hearts and the mistress without her jewels. They find residue that is left behind for them to track down Pamela and the snake. Upon coming to Pamela’s home, the big reveal that Menagerie is the two beings put together and the snake comes after Kara but finds she isn’t tasty at all. Alex freaks out that Kara could have been hurt as Pamela escapes. They take all of the jewels that Pamela has collected so she has to start over. She is aware of a charity Valentine’s Day ball so she’s going there to relieve the guests of their bling. She’s doing well when the Children of Liberty show up and start ruining her fun, then the DEO, then Supergirl takes her and drops her on a limo. She lets loose a bunch of snakes which start to overpower Supergirl (uhhhh, what?) and Dreamer shows up kicking snake butt and saving her friend. Supergirl returns the favor and Dreamer realizes that she sees enough to be dangerous but not yet fully prepared. George Lockwood shows up and cuts the head off of the snake and Pamela is taken to prison. There she gets a mysterious letter from Manchester Black. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Never Say Never Again

MOS 78 AlexAlex is having a little bit of a mid-life crisis. She looks at all that J’onn has accomplished since he left the DEO and she also sees how little she’s accomplished at the same time. She was dating and putting her adoption portfolio together and then let everything drop. She doesn’t really give a specific reason why but Kara and J’onn discuss later in the episode that the reason is protecting Kara (again, uhhhhhh, what?). When they are out in the field and the Menagerie snake attacks Kara, Alex does immediately panics to make sure Kara is OK. Later in the episode during Nia and her roommate’s party Alex meets back up with Becca whom Alex apparently sat down for drinks with twice. They catch up and it’s clear that Becca really heard what Alex was about and wanted to support her. Methinks we’ll be seeing Becca again soon, especially since Kara picked up her number again for Alex to have.


MOS 78 SinsThe wife and son of Ben Lockwood are visiting him in jail and he believes that the movement that created him will be the one that sets him free. As they are leaving Ben asks George something that we don’t hear. George goes back to the steel factory and finds the Agent Liberty mask and puts out a message to the digital faithful to be on the hunt for the latest alien killer among the population. George reports his success back to his Dad who tells him to seize the public relations opportunity that will present itself. George does just that at the Valentine’s Day ball where George, flanked by the Children of Liberty, chops the head off of the snake attached to Pamela. She is beaten and he takes advantage of the cameras present and tells the world how the Children of Liberty took action to save the City. President Baker is watching all of this along with the daily protests to free Ben Lockwood and gets his Attorney General (?) to come up with a solution to get him released. She does, stating that Ben cannot be prosecuted by the Patriot Act because that only applies to human terrorism. Alien terrorists are open season apparently. Sigh….. Ben is released and vows to keep up the good fight.

The World Is Not Enough

MOS 78 AlliancesMOS 78 Alliances 2

Lena is at her LCorp desk clearly disturbed by something on her phone as James comes in the office carrying a huge present. He has taken a lovely picture of Lena sleeping, reminiscent of another beautiful picture that James took of Kara and presented to her at the end of Season 1 that was so much better of a moment than this one. But I’m not bitter. No, really. Anywho, Lena suggests that they jet to Paris this weekend and celebrate Valentine’s Day. Before they can get out o town Lena meets with Col. Haley who explains that they need Lena’s research to make the armed forces the best they can be against these alien attacks. On their way to the airport Lena tells James that the government has reached out to use her research. James is immediately against it and Lena counters back that he is not to judge how she uses her science. He steps back but is firm that if she cooperates with the government that he will never be on board and that it will probably destroy them. She agrees, “Wasn’t it inevitable?” and boots his butt from the car. My head is still spinning from the 180 degree turn that just happened here.

Casino Royale

MOS 78 DreamerBrainy comes to Nia’s apartment to declare his intentions – to train Nia to use her powers better. She thanks him but gently refuses because the death of her Mother is still very tender. She does invite him to their party later that night and he accepts. She very clearly declares “It’s a date.” A bewildered Brainy asks Alex for help in what to do since he still can’t believe that someone like Nia might be interested in him. At the party he is held hostage by Yvette and her jams and can’t get to Nia but Kara does get to her and assures Nia that when she’s ready she’s going to be an amazing Superfriend. Nia does dream about the confrontation between Supergirl and Menagerie and suits up to join the fight. After realizing that she didn’t see enough and could have gotten seriously hurt that she does want Brainy’s training to become a better hero.

Closing Thoughts

Lex. Lex, Lex, Lex, Lex, Lex, Lex, Lex. There are just too many things going on which make no sense and have to be tied together by someone or something behind the scenes. We know there are only two more episodes before we meet our Supergirl Lex so I can only anticipate that the confusing puzzle pieces will start gaining shape and context. Lawd, I hope so.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

“Justice League Elite, Volume 1″
4568304WRITTEN BY JOE KELLY; ART AND COVER BY DOUG MAHNKE AND TOM NGUYEN An explosive 12-issue miniseries by writer Joe Kelly and artists Doug Mahnke & Tom Nguyen tackles a team dealing out a new kind of Justice! The new Elite team of the JLA sets out on their first mission, deep under cover! Its mission: to infiltrate a small brotherhood of assassins gathering to hit a major political target. Sounds like a piece of cake? If they don’t lose their heads!

Next time on Supergirl!

Season 4, Episode 13, “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and The American Way”
Manchester Black breaks out of prison with the help of his new team, The Elite, who are set on punishing the anti-alien forces. Supergirl pulls double duty as she tries to apprehend Manchester Black and his team as well as deal with a shocking new development with Ben Lockwood.

See you on March 3!


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