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“Blood Memory” brings us the origin story of our newest heroine Dreamer as well as Nia’s family’s backstory. We also get a parallel story of a pair of sisters that are working through issues of one being powered and one not. Oh, and Alex really is broken. :-(

Follow Your Dreams

MOS 77 DreamerNia can’t get home due to cancelled flights so Kara volunteers to drive her there. On the way there Nia falls into a dream where she sees her mom Isabel drink a thick black liquid and turn to ash right in front of her. Nia also asks Kara not to share anything about her dream experiences to her family. In Parthas, Nia’s hometown, we meet all of the rest of the Nal’s. Maeve, Nia’s sister, is apprenticing with her mother and is waiting (not so) patiently for the dream powers to come to her as the powers pass from the mother is one daughter only – unless the girl is struck with “future blindness” and it skips to their daughter. Maeve has also studied extensively in dream interpretation to be prepared. Nia is not anxious to let Maeve know about her powers so she gets Kara to steal Maeve away for an “interview” for Catco while Nia goes to their mother to see if there is a way to transfer the powers to Maeve. Maeve tells Kara all about Parthas and how it’s an idyllic community built on tolerance where humans and aliens have lived together for years and how much she’s looking forward to becoming a hero just like her mother. Kara says being a hero might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Nia converses with Isabel and asks if there’s any way to refuse or transfer the dreamer powers and Isabel confirms that once destiny decides whom it is there is nothing to change it. Isabel then realizes that Nia is the dreamer, not Maeve and reassures Nia that she is perfect to take on the powers. And then she dies. From a spider bite. I guess Nal-torians are pretty susceptible to spider venom. The annual Harvest Fest is quickly turned into a makeshift memorial for Isabel. Before going Nia’s father tells her that he has also had a dream where Isabel came to him and told him to give a big white box to Nia. While Maeve is eulogizing her mother Nia sees that she will be attacked by the Children of Liberty idiots. Nia gets her out of the way just in time and Maeve comes to the realization that Nia is the dreamer. She is angry and storms away. As they are on their way back to National City Nia wants to talk to Maeve who’s having none of it. Maeve says Nia shouldn’t even have the powers because she’s not even a real woman. Ooooooooooofff. Nia cries on the ride home that Maeve used to be her biggest supporter of her transgender-ing and now she’s simply furious. Kara tries to tell her that she can relate but Nia rebuff’s her saying Kara couldn’t relate because Nia has powers and so the dynamics are not the same as Kara and Alex. Kara stops the car and indeed reveals that she knows all too well what it’s like to be the sister with powers. “I am Supergirl.” Kara reassures Nia that she does have family support moving forward. Back in National City Nia opens the box to find her new Dreamer costume.

The Tale of Two Sisters

MOS 77 SistersIt’s game night! Alex can’t remember Kara’s favorite movie and guilty looks are exchanged from Kara to Brainy to J’onn. Alex gets called to an alien brawl at NCU and Supergirl shows up to help as well. Alex summarily dismisses her and tells her not to call her Alex but “Director Danvers,” please. Ooooooofff. The next day Alex can’t break the two idiot Dude Bro’s that raged out on the pills they took. She swears something is off and asks J’onn to help her by scanning her again. J’onn and Brainy agree that lying to her and telling her she’s fine is indeed the best course of action. Oooooooffff. J’onn placebo’s her and tells her that everything is fine. They come up with a plan to dress up Brainy as a Dude Bro and get him to get the other idiots to give up their information. Which he does. In less than 45 seconds. This sends the DEO on the hunt for the drug suppliers who are traveling in an RV delivering their goods all over the place. Eventually this lands them in Parthas because the Children of Liberty waste’oids have bought a bunch of the rage pills to take care of the local roaches. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Can’t we pleeeeeeeeeease be done with this nonsense? Anywho, Alex and crew get caught up in the brawl and Supergirl and Alex square off over an alien who is defending himself against one of the suppliers little sister who has taken one because…..well, we’re frankly not sure why. Alex has a gun trained on the alien. Supergirl laser visions her hand and they exchange a little heart to heart. Alex claims that Supergirl has no capacity to feel vulnerable because she is literally the “Girl of Steel, on the outside…and the inside.” OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooFFFFFFFFFFFfffffff. Back in National City Kara, Alex, and J’onn are spending the evening together and before Alex arrives J’onn explains that breaking Alex’s knowledge that she grew up with an alien in her room may have fundamentally changed her feelings toward aliens in general. Which makes no sense because Alex reached out to J’onn earlier for herself and she still trained under him and AAAAAAAAAAuuuuuuughgghghgh….


MOS 77 ConspiratorsIt’s game night! Lena wants everyone to know how “of one mind” she and James are. Except that they’re not. “Oh, fail,” as Alex appropriately puts it. At Catco McKenzie comes to James with a potential story involving a Black Budget at LCorp that she has uncovered and would like to investigate. James says yes but to bring everything to him first. James tries to confront Lena about it but he walks in on her training for the next game night because she’s making sure that they are indeed of one mind. And she doesn’t like to lose. He drops the discussion. He later tells McKenzie that everything checks out and is all above board. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

BONUS! There’s something wrong with Red Daughter

MOS 77 Red DaughterRed Kara is training in the exact same way (shot-for-shot) as last episode when she lands and starts bleeding. By the time the medical types get to it her heart has stopped as well. They shock her to no result until they turn it up to maximum and purple strands of light and energy emanate from her to go all over the world including hitting the Dude Bro’s RV and turn their happy pills into rage inducing monster pills. I hate it when you can’t trust the labels on these things! At the end of the episode the Head Red is concerned about Red Daughter and calls someone unknown on the phone to say he needs help from someone in America.

Closing Thoughts

This was a truly frustrating episode. Largely because of the writing. I will say this, what could have turned out to be an after-school-special kind of episode truly did not. Nia’s coming out to Kara about being transgender was a mature and well executed scene. My frustration largely stems from the two big emotional moments when one sister turns on the other (although Alex not knowing that she did). The moments felt simply forced just for drama’s sake. Maeve is supposed to be an acolyte of her mother and her tolerant, peaceful environment who acts like a petulant child when she doesn’t have what she wants. I get that she is hurt but her reaction is less than enlightened. And then there’s Alex. Even if we take J’onn’s explanation that she may have a completely altered viewpoint on aliens then it also goes alongside that she has rejected everything that J’onn taught her and has bought in and sold out to the Haley train. I’m not buying it. It was rushed and both of these “shocking” moments were unearned. And there was the Children of Liberty so that’s an immediate burr in my backside. Yet again the writers are trying to maneuver through sticky issues with absolutely zero nuance (with an exception for Nia and Kara). Kara revealing herself was a very nice touch and one that we need to get done with Lena and eventually Alex again soon. I understand that we can’t have a broken Alex for an extended run of episodes but we sure needed it dripped a little slower for what we got in this mess of an episode.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

Supergirl_and_the_LSH_18Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes (2005-2009) Vol 3: Strange Visitor from Another Century
The 21st Century’s Girl of Steel wakes up 1,001 years later, convinced the whole reality is something that she just dreamed up. And maybe it is! Purchase it here on Amazon.

Next time on Supergirl!

Season 4, Episode 12, “Menagerie”
(From, December 4, 2018) Jessica Meraz has been cast as Pamela Ferrer/Menagerie. In the comics, the character is just Pamela with an unknown surname. She is Puerto Rican with metamorphosis powers so she has control over alien lifeforms known as “symbeasts” that she can command to take any shape she can think of. First appearing in Action Comics #775, Menagerie was recruited by Manchester Black for his Elite and while the origin of her powers is unclear, Manchester Black at one point mentions that the rogue Men in Black from the DEO plucked people from the dregs of society to turn them into weapons. As for the TV series Menagerie is a jewel thief who doesn’t mind hurting people and has connections to Manchester Black’s Elite.
See you on February 17!


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