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“Call to Action” brings the fight between humans and aliens to the streets and living rooms of National City and it brings our team together for Thanksgiving, and there’s a fire-breathing dragon. No joke.

This Is A Manifesto

MOS 72 ManifestoA happy couple is walking through Midtown Park and is accosted by the Children of Liberty because their attack dog has sniffed one of them as an alien. They are wearing Agent Liberty type masks and grey hoodies adorned with the yellow star that is shaped like Agent Liberty’s on his armor. Along comes Manchester Black to take down the idiots. As he’s being overpowered Supergirl comes on the scene and saves him. Among the idiots is Officer Petrochelli whom J’onn and Manchester met at the bar looking for Fiona. As Supergirl and Manchester clean things up a ton of flyers are dropped on the city by drone informing everyone of the Children of Liberty’s Manifesto. The flyer says, “This Is A Manifesto,” just in case you missed it. Ben Lockwood is perturbed that the boys got excited and jumped the gun on their reveal but he composes himself to be a good dad getting ready for Thanksgiving. He’s also worried that Petrochelli is going to squeal. To take care of James, Kara takes his place and shows up on the televised debate show that Lena scheduled James to be on, but he doesn’t want to be on. Ben is the counter point of the argument and the two go back and forth about how the aliens are either welcome or how they will celebrate Thanksgiving in 100 years reminiscing about how they destroyed the humans. At the DEO Col Haley will not give precious resources to said manifesto because that’s an FBI problem. Alex and Supergirl task Brainy anyway with figuring out who’s behind it. James gets in deeper with the Children of Liberty and befriends Tom, a member of the group and walks around a neighborhood with him and his attack dog. Tom keeps texting his wife as soon as the dog goes bananas. Turns out Tom is identifying alien houses. On Thanksgiving the attack comes and our team puts the plan together while they’re enjoying dinner. Supergirl goes to battle with a lizard that morphs into a fire-breathing dragon that is trying to protect his family. Once Supergirl finds out that “Spike” is trying to be a loyal protector the two make piece and she is glad that dragons still like her even if dogs don’t. If this is confusing, that’s because it was. Confusing.

The Life and Times of Lena Luthor

MOS 72 LenaLena and Eve are experimenting with the harunel and some kind of heart tissue and we find out through the science-ey dialogue that Lena is working on shrinking and destroying cancer tumors. Her trials are not working at first but on the second attempt the heart cannot be destroyed. She floats the idea to the Thanksgiving gathered that it might be possible to make super-men and that powers could be given to the worthy. Logic prevails and her idea is shot down. She is convinced that another trial is ready to commence. Bring the human heart! (uhhhhhhh, from where, exactly?) Meanwhile, Lena books James to show up on the television interview show in order to denounce the Children of Liberty using Guardian as their symbolic hero. He refuses since he wants to investigate them further and eventually get to Agent Liberty himself. She is not pleased and tries to pull the boss card. He shows up at Thanksgiving and receives the cold turkey shoulder from Lena. After the attack is identified James says he can help and goes to leave. Lena confronts him about his lack of planning and other poor choices. He thanks her for her input but wishes she wouldn’t pounce on every area of his life. She lets it be known that she fixed his Guardian problem with the DA. “You lied to me,” he says. “And I would do it again, because I love you,” she says, “there’s no line I wouldn’t cross for someone I love.” Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssh. “If that’s your idea of love, I don’t think I want any part of that,” he says. Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn.

Manchester Strikes Back

MOS 72 ManchesterManchester takes Petrochelli back to his place for a shower and some torture. He wants to know whom and where Agent Liberty is. Petrochelli is not sharing so Manchester inquires of J’onn if he’d be willing to mind read the friendly officer. J’onn’s not too keen seeing it as an act of violence to enter someone’s mind without consent. On the way home from Kara’s Thanksgiving gathering he gets in on the beatdown of the Children of Liberty by blowing them away while apologizing to the memory of Fiona along the way. Then when he gets home Petrochelli tells him who his contact is within the Children and Manchester decides the Officer has outlived his usefulness.

Closing Thoughts

From the standpoint that we got at least an attempt of depth from the Children of Liberty and Ben himself I say thank you. At least it’s something to talk about instead of rolling eyes at. The writing of this episode is still severely lacking; but, it was certainly an engaging story told. And Helen Slater was back. So that atones for a number of sins. And we had a good amount of Supergirl and Kara in this episode so kudos for that. I’m enjoying Manchester Black getting fleshed out in his madness and I like seeing the fallout from Lena and James facing the truth of their relationship that he didn’t know. We didn’t see Guardian so there’s that too. I’m all over the place with this episode and I think that’s a product of how all over the place this episode was.

In All Things We Give Thanks for You

MOS 72 ThanksThe Scarlet Cougar and The Silver Vox are so very thankful for all of you who follow this journey with us. For those of you who download and listen to the podcast we thank you. For those of you who contribute feedback each and every episode we thank you. For those of you who lend your time and expertise to keep the podcast going when we need it we thank you. From all of our Golden Spiral Media family we hope it’s a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday for you and yours.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

“Supergirl #9-11, Escape from the Phantom Zone” from DC Rebirth
MOS 72 CCCSupergirl must quell the maelstrom tearing apart the Phantom Zone, as Batgirl faces down the Phantom King one on one. If they fail, they’ll be lost in the Phantom Zone forever! And there’s a dragon that Supergirl flies inside of to talk to Psi. No joke!
Available from Comixology here!

Next time on Supergirl!

Season 4, Episode 7, “Rather the Fallen Angel”
James falls in deeper with the Children of Liberty in his efforts to meet Agent Liberty. Meanwhile, Supergirl and Manchester Black follow a lead on Agent Liberty’s location, but things take a dark turn. Lena kicks off her first set of trials. Chad Lowe directed the episode written by Dana Horgan & Katie Rose Rogers.


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