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“Parasite Lost” brings us the next chapter in the Earth First vs. Aliens cultural confrontation centering on an alien healer and how his own story reflects on the struggle as a whole. That was a pretty flowery spin. This thing was dreck.

The Pen is not Mightier than The Stupid

MOS 71 PenAll of our heroes are hanging out on the roof. Brainy is drunk, Lena and Nia are literally the only ones who don’t know Kara is Supergirl – you know, a typical Sunday in National City. James is doling out compliments to Nia and Kara, especially Kara as she has landed an exclusive interview with Amadei, an alien healer, who has been out of the press for the last 20 years. She invites Nia along for the interview and they all thank J’onn for the introduction. The next day the dynamic duo goes and watches as Amadei heals an alien child who begins walking again after being in a wheelchair. Amadei cannot heal humans; but, he wants to speak out on the divisions that are hurting our country and tell folks that peace is the better way. Even if he can’t physically heal humans his goal is to “heal the human heart.” To borrow a current phrase from “The Flash,” how shway. Kara writes up a shiny article about Amadei and she and Nia realize that all of the social media comments on her article are not supportive. Kara is genuinely shocked that such hate could be the reaction to such a glowing presentation. She’s more shocked to find out that Amadei has been attacked and the special amulet that gives him his healing power has been taken from him and he is dying. J’onn uses his telepathic power to see what he can about Amadei’s possible attacker and the team takes the last person on his mind and tracks down Elizabeth Hawkings. It seems that Elizabeth is Amadei’s estranged daughter and Mum is none too happy that J’onn and Kara are bringing up old wounds. Kara and J’onn do some digging and find out that Mum is lying about her previous relationship with Amadei and it wasn’t a one-night stand after all. They confront her and she’s all “The Children of Liberty are all like… “f” yeah,” and Kara’s all like “Children of what now?” and Mum’s all like “Kill the roaches!,” and Kara and J’onn are all like “…dude.” In the end Jensen gives up the amulet and Amadei is restored with his daughter and they live happily ever after never speaking of Mum again.

Remember Who You Are

MOS 71 RememberColonel Haley is reporting to full-time jerk, err…duty at the DEO on Monday morning and Alex is dreading it but Haley is complimentary on Alex’s management decisions and the two of them work on an elegant plan to take on Jensen, which Brainy calls “exciting to watch.” Then Alex gets in the field with Haley running as Overwatch. Haley’s all like “Kill him!” and Alex is all like “come back to me Raymond” and Jensen is all like “if you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine,” or; actually he’s all like “he’s still out there,” and Alex is all like “who’s he?,” and Haley is screaming “KILL HIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” and Alex is all like “Be the agent that I wanted to mentor.” Jensen gives up and she doesn’t have to kill him – and everyone else in the nearby radius that Haley didn’t give a flying flip about. In the post mortem, Jensen has been put away in the DEO desert with his vegetable brain and Haley dresses Alex down reminding her exactly who is boss and that is Haley. She’s also glad that they finally have that “imposter” J’onn J’onzz out of the DEO and things are back in capable human hands. Really?!?! Alex respectfully goes off and tells Haley her opinion on all of that and she is subsequently told that Haley “has hope for her yet.” Oy, ve.

Children of the Ill Conceived

MOS ChildrenJensen is really in pain with a huge purple bug crawling around in his head. Agent Liberty introduces him to his newfound “gift” as he introduces a fire producing alien. Jensen reaches out and takes on the powers and kills the alien at the same time. (See Season 2’s episode “Changing) This new power is great for Jensen but it is short-lived. He gets in a battle and takes on Supergirl’s powers and a changeling but the powers only last so long. So Agent Liberty reaches out to the Children of Liberty and finds the aforementioned Mum who takes Amadei’s amulet and hooks up Jensen with unlimited power. Meanwhile, Ben Lockwood using his mild-mannered fascist disguise goes to a function where James and Lena will be coming because James is going to be the keynote speaker. Ben confronts James and shares with him that unless James starts dialoging with these idiots, and not just dismiss them, their fear will start turning things ugly. Jensen goes on the offense and Ben calls out James that Guardian should go save them all. James takes the bait and sure enough here comes Guardian to save a couple of folks from falling debris with his shield. Back at CatCo, James and Lena discuss James getting in tighter with Ben and giving him an audience. James wants to infiltrate and find the Idiot Leader and thinks Ben is his way in. Ben is all too happy to take James’ call. Lena is none too happy with this plan.

Closing Thoughts

I’m not even sure what to say at this point. The bludgeoning of this storytelling of cultural division is only made worse by Kara being portrayed as *shocked* that people might *actually* react negatively to her article is ___________. (a. patronizing b. unintelligent c. pathetic d. annoying e. all of the above) The only redeeming thing out of this storyline is her plan to start writing articles about your average everyday alien to generate empathy. Also, J’onn has taken on the role of being the alien go-to when they can’t or won’t approach the police. I like this angle for him quite a lot as it gives him an ongoing purpose and keeps to his pledge he made with M’yrnn. Further exploration of James and Guardian being used as the Earth First tool is unwelcome. Agent Liberty (as Ben) has a point that dismissing the idiots will not make them go away nor make them more enlightened as much as you may want. Other than that, this is dreck. And, it doesn’t look like next week is going to be anything but more of the same.

Cougar’s Comic Corner

AoS492Adventures of Superman #492 written by Jerry Ordway
Links: Kindle & comixology
Story title: “And Justice For All!”
The Sons of Liberty are destroyed…at the hands of their own Agent Liberty! Agent Liberty takes out the Sons of Liberty agents who framed Peter Ross…

Next time on Supergirl!

Season 4, Episode 6, “Call to Action”
Everyone gathers for Thanksgiving but Kara is feeling down after her televised debate with Ben Lockwood about the anti-alien sentiment coursing through National City. Meanwhile, James and Lena argue about the best way to handle the Children of Liberty.


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